Need help between joyetch penguin and the joyetech dolphin .

So I’m getting tried of doing researching on both devices I think I done enough just still having trouble choosing between the two. Noe I know that the dolphin is upgrading version of the penguin battery you can fill the tank on it’s side without removing the coil better air flow and a new coil etc the penguin does have an 8.8ml pod rather than a 6.0ml.

But I’m looking to get something else mi-pod and the dolphin or the penguin but breazy has the penguin for 17.99 and the mi-pod 39.99…

Need help between joyetch penguin and the joyetech dolphin .

Clarifying Cole-Bishop’s Impact on the Vapor Industry

Clarifying the Impact of Cole-Bishop on the vapor Industry

By Bill Godshall
Founder and Executive Director
smokefree Pennsylvania
1926 Monongahela Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

On December 20, Tony Abboud from the two-year-old vaper Technology Association (VTA) sent out an e-mail (at the bottom of this document) denouncing the five-year-old American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) for urging Congress to exclude the Cole-Bishop amendment from the 2018 federal spending…

<a href="”>Clarifying Cole-Bishop's Impact on the vapor Industry

Does using extremely low wattages not allow juice to vaporize properly?

I found the sweet spot for my device and juice is 20W. However I was wondering if such a low wattage doesn't allow the juice to vaporize completely and if it means I'm inhaling unvaporized juice.

Also something I noticed is if I blow out the first few seconds of vapor, I get a cleaner vaping experience. Flavor and smoothness. However I think due to this, I'm getting a lot of residue at the air vent. For some reason that initial few seconds has a slight harshness, otherwise the rest of the…

<a href="”>Does using extremely low wattages not allow juice to vaporize properly?

Help! I just received my very first vape today

So, here’s the thing. I am a newbie to vaping. And I just bought my new vape: mod(smoant battlestar 200), atomizer (mad dog rda) and batteries while i was on vacation. And here i am now, very confused on how to test it out if there is any problem with my new buys since i will be going back from vacation. I tried putting the atomizer to the smoant and it says “no atomize”. Is it because there is still no coil wire in it? Because i dont know how to and my friend back home will be the one the…

<a href="”>Help! I just received my very first vape today

Which two 18650s for DNA167 (only 50-60W .12-.45 builds).

I just bought a VT250S dual/triple 18650 DNA250. Will be using it in dual mode. I have a 3X 18650 reuleaux dna 200 already but can't use dual mode. It's too big in pocket as 3X 18650 for everyday hence I just ordered the DNA167.

I've been using LG browns in the reuleaux with no problem. I don't vape high wattage as noted. I will probably start vaping some new tanks though but not sure what, basically I want smaller tanks. All I use now are TFV8 premade coils (.12) or dual Clapton builds in…

Which two 18650s for DNA167 (only 50-60W .12-.45 builds).

Quick question on firmware updates

Got a new Geekvape Aegis yesterday and I'm pretty stoked, loving it so far. My question is about firmware. I know there are three firmware updates for the Aegis. This is understandable to me as this is Geekvape's first venture into fully regulated mods, so a bit of tweaking is to be expected. I on the other hand have no experience with updates. I've got all the instructions etc. down on how to do it and so on. The big question is do I need to install each update in order, 1.21, 1.22, then…

Quick question on firmware updates

HELP!! I got my first vape today and Im confused

so i got the smok v8 stick nothing fancy just the vape. I put in the juice and plugged it in and 4 hours later…nothing. The light keeps going off, not even blinking or charged at all and whenever I try to inhale it's like I'm inhaling a brick, nothing happens. No air flow is getting through and no smoke is coming out. It doesn't even make any sounds. Please don't tell me i wasted $90 for nothing.

How to stop leaking

Please forgive if this is the wrong place to ask this. I'm brand new to the group and still learning the ropes.

My question is this: I have had horrible problems with leaking atomizers. It's frustrating because the e-liquids are not cheap. I hate to lose even one drop. Does anyone have any recommendations for stopping the leaking?