What brands are worth while?

So i am new to vaping but dont know what brands would be worth while to get. I am not saying what brand would be equal to a Ferrari, just want to avoid brands that have questionable quality. So what brands would be worth while and would last? I only have experience with 2 smok stick products and would like to branch out.

I’m a rookie – need some wisdom

I moved to vaping about two weeks ago to quit smoking – I was a long term smoker (25 years ish) of Camel Crush Silvers, half a pack a day typically towards the end of smoking. I was recommended and purchased the Aspire Breeze to start vaping. I don't dislike it, but I am not sure it is the right unit for me – I'm not tech inclined, and I'm busy – working, mother, human and all. I do not want things to be complicated. I found a juice flavor that I like, and I am currently at 18 mgs of…

I'm a rookie – need some wisdom