Coil life expectancy

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I have a Joyetech ego AIO and I bought a 5pk of the 1.5ohm coils. This is the first one I used in it and it only lasted me 4 days. Is all the life I can expect from this coil? Will the .5ohm last longer? I asked that because I ready Joyetech’s website that the subohms are the compatible ones, is this correct?

Debate: Charge through MOD USB or External Charger????

Just bought a VOOPOO DRAG. Loving it so far. It might sound stupid but I hate external battery chargers. They're inconvenient. What are your thoughts on charging through the USB port? It seems like the device is very secure with 8 ways of security from power and short circuits. I always read that you can use the USB port but its always better to use external batteries. What do you guys think? Honestly I'd rather use the USB port for ease of use. I'm using the LG HG2 batteries.

Leaking Issue TFV12 Prince

Hello , i recently bought myself a new vape ( Smok Mag Kit Prince TFV12 )
I tried 4 types of diffrent coils, currently using V12 Prince-x6
Im using my own diy liquid 70/30 Pinkman
But my tank keeps leaking through the airholes at the bottom.
My local store told me its because my liquid is to thin for this tank?

Is this true? I tried evrything to fix this, i even tried to add 100VG to my liquid to make it less thin but it still leaks from time to time so im really lost and need some…

Leaking Issue TFV12 Prince

Aspire Speeder won’t read a3 coil

Hi there,

I have an Aspire Speeder that runs fine with the a5 penta coil. I want to drop to the a3 coil for a bit, but when I change the coil the mod just reads ‘no atomizer’. When I switch back to the a5, it works fine. I’ve tried multiple different a3 coils, so it’s not a dud coil issue. Is there a setting change I should be doing, and if so, what? Kinda lost and frustrated here.