MOD with REPLACEABLE internal battery?

I've had a Realoux DNA200 Triple 18650 for about a year and it's just too dam big and heavy to carry around in pocket and I end up smoking more instead. With smaller modS I've had before (smoktech groove 2 3800 mAh internal), I was down to 1 cigarette a month and preferring vaping anyway and wasn't vaping heavily or huge clouds (was only using a single 1.8 ohm coil in a basic dripper at 7 Volts which is nothing compared to todays tanks/coils but I was fine with that).

I bought a bunch of…

<a href="”>mod with REPLACEABLE internal battery?

Which high CDR batteries are good for mech?

Hello VU,
I'm here back again with some questions.
i've been using samsung 20r for a while now and i'm quite satisfied with it's cdr and capacity
it performs as expected on my regulated 50w mod
now i'm gonna buy my mech but before that i wanna make sure i know everything abt it
i'm pretty good with ohm's law and things related to resistance wires
now i'm looking for a good battery for high drain
a friend has recommended me awt imr18650 which is rated for 40A and 3000mAh
here it is:…

Which high CDR batteries are good for mech?

New Vaper Here

Hi, so I've asked this on other places, no one had any kind of answer.

Recently, earlier this month, I bought something called an X2o Kronos 1500 lite. It uses a 50w battery, as labeled on the battery. It's a vape pen of sorts.

My vape has just a few days ago, acted a little odd. I turned it on, and tried pressing it to take a pull, and it flashed red. I pressed it again after it stopped, and it worked fine.

Now, I tried pulling, and it produced no vapor for some reason. I only tried for…

<a href="”>New vaper Here

Help with building a coil

I have Fuchai 213 with Tvf8 big smoke tank. Ive been building my coil using premade coils, so I just install the two coils and put the cotton. I decided to build my coil but I do not know which wire can help to get what I am looking for. I found 0.4-0.5ohm is the best smoke and test ( I havent try more than that yet and 0.15 or less is too dangerous and the coil get very hot). I use 40w which givs me almost 12A and this is fine for my 10 and 30 A batteries set ( i checked with Fuchai and…

Help with building a coil

Procolor w/ zeus RTA Help

I am running a Smok procolor with dual 18650 batteries and a zeus RTA. I do not know what wattage I should run with the stock coils it comes with. Around 30w seems to be the sweet spot, anything higher it spits hot juice. The mod is showing .371 ohms. The RTA is a single coil. Any suggestions on what is should do or read to figure this out?

FDA Previews War On Flavors

"Despite the four-year delay in its near-ban of vapor products, it has always been apparent that the U.S. FDA would continue to harass vapor product users and merchants. In particular it was clear that limiting flavor options would be part of their strategy. The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the executive office that <a href="” rel=”nofollow”>reviews proposed regulations, has posted an abstract of the FDA’s first…

FDA Previews War On Flavors