Mom complains about RBA burning her throat

Hey guys, my mom is using a TFV8 (finally nailed how to build on that sucker, LOL!) and she's complaining about the coil burning the back of her throat when she inhales, even at 40 watts. It's not a dry hit – there's juice in the tank. I used 2 7-wrap 26g Kanthal coils and they're reading 0.72 ohms. What can I do to make the experience better for her? This is my first time (successfully) building on an RBA.

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I can’t decide between 3mg or 6mg

So I'm ordering a new kit tomorrow which consists of the new black/resin Drag mod by VooPoo and a Wotofo SMM Serpent RTA. That's the easy part, the hard part is deciding between getting 3mg or 6mg. This will be my first RTA experience. In my sub-ohm tank I vape 6mg and am satisfied I've tried 3mg in the tank and I just can't get my fix. I played around with RDA's for about two months and found myself overdosing occasionally when dripping 6mg plus some juices were a bit harsh at 6mg. I never…

I can't decide between 3mg or 6mg

ArcticFox configuration istick qc 200

Well i'm new to vaping and I just found ArcticFox firmware and I don't want to fk up device, all i really want is a good set up for longer battery life. i was charging it two to three times a day before I installed arctic fox, we will see if I get any better battery life tomorrow cause I just installed it, but if anyone has a good configuration for battery life please share.

Coil Question

I just bought the Tarot Nano Starter Kit and I love it, problem is so does my husband. Therefore I'm looking into purchasing another vape for myself and to give him the Nano only I'm looking for a different kind so we wont have any confusion on whos is who. So… I think I like the Target Mini starter kit specifically for the colors but I've noticed the coils are different. Nano has the ECO coil and Target has the Ccell. Which one is better and why?


I've been vaping off an Eleaf iPower 80W mod with a Kangertech Pangu tank and I have a question about flavor.

I've noticed since vaping off this mod for about two weeks, on the first exhale, I can taste the flavor of my juice, but after the second exhale, nothing. There's never any burnt taste and it's always a nice cool vape which I want.

Sometimes, if I don't take two much of a draw, the flavor on the exhale returns, but it's mild.

I never notice any flavor on the inhale. I don't think…


Is a Kangertech Topbox mini 75w compatible with the Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank?

I got into vaping little over a year ago and started with a mediocre 50w Kanger, I upgraded to the Topbox and have to say it was a pretty big jump i quality and performance for the mod size. I've really liked the TFV8 Big baby beast tank and want to know if it'll work good with my mod. I don't want to upgrade to some crazy high wattage mod with 2+ batteries. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

wet vape

Hi, i started vaping a month back and am totally sold!
I do have one question though: With a friend we compared cigaret and e-cig smokes by exhaling through a tissue, the result is a dirty yellowish mark for the cigaret and a non-coloured wet mark for the e-cig. Is there any meaning to this REALLY wet vape? thanks

Vape burning throat after coil replacement.

Hey guys I started vaping recently after quitting smoking tobacco and other natural grasses after bout a year or two. So I feel like I'm used to taking hot smoke into my throat and lungs, but after replacing my coil in less than two days I started getting hot metallic vapor with my regular oil flavor burning my throat heavy. The first one lasting around the same time. I smoke it very heavy I guess compared to some of my friends but theirs lasts a hell of a lot longer. I use a 40-60 watt coil…

<a href="”>vape burning throat after coil replacement.