Own coils?

Going to keeo it short and hopegully get an answer

My device is eleaf ipower 80w
Love it!!
I have an aspire cleito120 tank with the the aspire coils120

Im done paying 30 bucks for a pack of 5 and thats if i dont get a lemon.
What begginer rba you advise me to start so it will mimic my clieto tank?
I heard ss is the best but harder to bend?
Im more of a flavour guy
Been lookong this to start with

RDA storage

Might be a stupid question but here it goes. For someone putting their RDA aside for any considerable time or for those that have a bunch of them. Whats the best way to store them? More specifically should I remove the saturated cotton and clean them before putting them away? Should I leave the coils in or remove them? leave it all as is or take all apart? Might be silly but would they rust if you just left it wet for weeks or months? Lol I think these are valid concerns :)