higher ohm

Im new to vaping. I am not a former smoker, i just like the taste of vapor and the experience of creating clouds. Obviously i am interested in 0mg nicotine becuase of that. I am not interested in sub ohming, but using coils 1.6 ohms and above. Can I get some guidance as to where to find the BEST vaporizer with these specs. I have used vaporizers before.

Trying to find new atomizers for Vapor Zone (VaporFI) Pro-L

I have been unable to find any new atomizers for the Pro-L, only the Pro-L II. Can I possible use the Pro 3 tank and atomizer as they use the same 510 connector? They make a collar that is supposed to fit bigger tanks onto smaller batteries. I've included links and photos of my vapor Zone Pro-L.

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The pro 3 tank and collar.
<a href="https://www.vaporfi.com/vape-accessories/vaporfi-pro-3-tank.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>https://www.vaporfi.com/vape-accessories/vaporfi-pro-3-tank.html…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/trying-to-find-new-atomizers-for-vapor-zone-vaporfi-pro-l.329465/”>Trying to find new atomizers for vapor Zone (vaporFI) Pro-L

smok t8 coil.can the ohms be set higher

I got a smok alien 220w and use the t8 coils and there rated at .15 ohms.they been running about .188 ohms and I run 80-90 watts.
now I was messing with the ohm settings on my mod and turned it up to .250 and hit harder so I turned the watts down to 50 and it hit about the same as if the ohms were .18 and at 90 watts.
now my question is can the ohms on these coils be turned up higher like I did and be fine?
reason im asking cause the mod batteries drain quicker at higher watts

A Vape Tank Battle: Disposable versus Rebuildable Vape Tanks

When it comes to using a vape
tank, there are various options available for most vapers out
there to use. A primary question that arises is whether to use a disposable or
a rebuildable one, and what this even entails. We are going to explore disposable
clearomizers, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs), and rebuildable tank
atomizers (RTAs). We’ll look at what they are, how they work, and the pros and
cons of each.

* What
are disposable and rebuildable tanks? *

Clearomizers: These tanks are very popular
nowadays. They are cylindrical in shape and the tank itself usually either
contains clear Polycarbonate plastic or a Pyrex glass tank. Through the tank,
you can see the level of liquid inside of the clearomizer. Their usage is
simple: the user fills it with liquid and subsequently can vape directly. Newer
clearomizers allow for sub-ohm vaping.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA): Allows for
sub-ohm vaping. Is a user-constructed setup with wicks and coils, in which
liquid is dripped directly onto the coils then vaporized.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA): Something of a
hybrid between an RDA and a clearomizer, an RTA is a tank that the user can
build coils on.

* How
each works *

Clearomizers: The user adds liquid to the tank and can directly
vape once a coil is added.
Dripping Atomizer (RDA):
The user
buys wire and cotton and uses them to create the surface upon which the
<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>e-liquid is dripped.
Tank Atomizer (RTA):
The user builds
the coils using wire and cotton, and this is placed on the tank. The tank
itself holds liquid in amounts comparable to clearomizers.

* Pros of
Each *

Clearomizer: A clearomizer is the easiest to use of the above tank
setups. Overall, they require very little vape knowledge. They can hold a
considerable amount of liquid.

Dripping Atomizer (RDA):
This setup
easily offers the largest vapor production of all three setups discussed here.
In addition, it allows for richness of flavor. The user can switch between
flavors during a session without the taste of the last flavor lingering.

Tank Atomizer (RTA):
This setup
offers very solid vapor production and flavor. Because of the presence of the
tank, it is able to hold a lot of juice, much like a clearomizer can.

* Cons of
Each *

Clearomizer: Easily the priciest of the three setups discussed
here, especially since it does not allow for longevity.

Dripping Atomizer (RDA):
Does not
have as much juice capacity as the other setups. In addition, this requires a
fair amount of vaping experience and knowledge, since wicking is required.

Tank Atomizer (RTA):
vapor production
and flavor not as good as an RDA. Similarly, to an RDA, requires a solid
knowledge basis in vaping in order to be able to use.

We’ve seen what disposable and rebuildable vape
tanks are. The disposable option, the clearomizer, was seen to be a solid
choice for novice vapers and for convenience and liquid storage. This however,
comes with a price tag. The rebuildable options, the rebuildable tank atomizer
(RTA) and the Rebuildable Dripping (RDA), were both seen to be less pricey
options than a clearomizer. Both also required extensive vaping knowledge to be
able to use. The RDA was seen to be the more solid in terms of vapor and flavor
but the RTA was better in terms of vapor storage and convenience.

The Perfect Beginner’s Kit: Kanger EVOD Starter Kit

The economic Kanger EVOD Kit come with everything that new vapers need to get their
vaping experience off to a nice start. It also makes for an ideal setup for
those looking to take their vaping to the next level.

with the previous version, this NEW & IMPROVED kit keeps the same
structure, but comes with the newly designed SOCC coil. While the SOCC coils
share the same structure with the old coils, they use organic Japanese cotton
as wicking material, which gives you a purer vape each and every time.


EVOD 650mAh manual battery with a constant 3.7 V output.

EVOD bottom coil changeable clearomizer.

Uses the newly designed SOCC coil.

SOCC coils use organic Japanese cotton as wicking material.

· Offers pure flavor and huge vapor production.

Comes in 7 available colors.

"Health" Groups Urge Price & Gottlieb to Move Forward with Deeming Regs

The following groups signed a letter to the Sec. of Health & Human Services, copied to the director of the FDA. It demanded an on-schedule implementation and vigorous defense in court of the Deeming Regulations.

Action on Smoking & Health
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Association for Cancer Research
American Association for Dental Research
American Association for Respiratory Care…

"Health" Groups Urge Price & Gottlieb to Move Forward with Deeming Regs

CASAA – A Nod to Harm Reduction from FDA’s New Director, Scott Gottlieb

On Monday, May 15th, Scott Gottlieb M.D. made his first remarks to agency staff as the new director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Of particular interest are Dr. Gottlieb’s statements regarding the importance of reducing smoking rates. Specifically, we are encouraged by the new FDA director’s statement that, “we need to have the science base to explore the potential to move current smokers–unable or unwilling to…

CASAA – A Nod to Harm Reduction from FDA’s New Director, Scott Gottlieb

Geek Vape Eagle/Geek Vape Griffin 25

TLDR: Can I take the top fill cap from the Griffin 25 and stick it on an Eagle tank? Geek vape says no. But… They're the same damn tank. Same chimney width, same juice capacity, same drip tip, etc. SO WHY NOT?!

I just finished adding everything I want for my new vapes to my cart on vapeZone last night, and this morning they had sold out of the Eagle tank (without top air flow).

I've heard too many negative reviews of the top air flow version. SO… I want to know if I can take the top…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/geek-vape-eagle-geek-vape-griffin-25.327686/”>Geek vape Eagle/Geek vape Griffin 25