Need new tank for my SMOK OSUB TC 40w Starter Kit

Hi everyone,

I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I've been vaping on this starter kit for a few months and I really like it, I'm down to 1 or 2 cigs a day……incredible.

This is a link to my starter kit: <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

I have done some research, but am still very new with vaping, especially when it comes to the parts, mixing and matching, etc.

All I want is a bigger tank for my setup because it only holds 2ml, so I have…

Need new tank for my SMOK OSUB TC 40w Starter Kit

Stupid Question…

Hello. I am about to buy a vape and i have a simple question i can't seem to find the answer for. So i want to buy IMECIG Q3 mini, which has a 0.4 ohm coil. My question is: Do i ALWAYS have to replace the coil with a 0.4 ohm one, or i can replace it with 0.2 or 0.5 one?

Help with building please

I'm new to the rta scene…i have a Griffin mini on an istick 30watt….i can't seem to get a coil to work for me….i have tried 7-10 wraps gives me an amazing ohm reading but when I fire it up to get any hot spots out my voltage always spikes to 5.1 and up….Can anyone help me with how to get a good coil that i can actually use :(
I'm using 26 gauge kanthal….originally had 22 gauge but that was too thick…and taking to long to heat up

Flavour is gone (not vapours tongue)

Hi there, I'm relatively new to vaping and have came across a problem. I purchased the kangertech mini starter kit and then bought the aspire celito tank as my friend recommended this.

Everything was great, really enjoyed vaping and stopped smoking until I changed the coil for the first time. When I replaced the coil I forgot to prime it and didn't realise until a few hours later. Thought the coil would be ruined so I went and purchased another coil and some new liquid.

After setting my…

Flavour is gone (not vapours tongue)

Problem with getting my mod to work

Hello, i have trouble getting my mod to work, and while normaly you could just go into vape shop and ask for help, in my country vaping is illegal so i dont really have that option, youtube etc also havent really helped yet

soo i bought the "underground rda" head beacus from my old istick pico the tank etc broke, and i want to replace it with something different now.

soo i tryed to put a coil in, but when i try to check if it works it tells me that i dont have an atomizer, which i dont…

<a href="”>Problem with getting my mod to work

Burning feeling in throat

I started vaping a few weeks ago and have had nothing but trouble ever since. When I started all was fine but after 2-3 days I started getting a burning feeling in my throat. I asked a friend who had vaped for much longer what the issue could be and he told me it could be the coil that was worn, so I switched it out for a new one. After that all was fine again until 2-3 days had passed again and the same thing had happened. I stopped for a while and tried again (without switching out the…

Burning feeling in throat