Chest Pains like having a heart attck! =(

Hello Everyone,

I just signed up today and wanted to see if I can get some feedback. I have been vaping for about 5 years. I started off 18mg of nicotine for couple months, then 12mg, then 6mg and now I have been vaping on 3mg Nicotine since 2015. So for the last year and half I have been getting pain where my heart is when i vape a lot. I have been to the cardiologist and have 2 heart scans done. I also have had EKG and stress test but everything came back clean. I also run 4 days a week…

Chest Pains like having a heart attck! =(

Why We Fight For Vaping

We turned in our last set of keys today for our retail locations. It was a tough decision, and I was certain there would be many tears as we locked the doors for the last time. But something amazing has been taking place! Over the past two weeks, as word got out that we were closing down our retail stores, Scott and I started to receive emails, chats, Facebook messages, and phone calls from YOU! We were bracing for your disappointment. We expected a small amount of gloating from some who predicted our demise because we wouldn’t allow children in the stores, or ‘community cartos’ for sampling, or because we had customers sign Liability Waivers when they were purchasing a lithium ion battery. But none of that happened. Instead, what we received was immense support and encouragement to keep going! My tears aren’t of sadness; my tears are from overwhelming gratitude for YOU. 🙂

One of our newer employees asked us to tell him about some of the most unusual customer interactions we’ve had over the past six years, so I thought I would share here too.
There was the 80-something year old lady that we met early on in our vaping venture. Scott met her back before we had a retail store, and we were selling kits out of the back of his 1992 Honda Accord. She had been smoking for 56 years. Now, I can’t relay the entire story of what happened due to FDA’s regulations, but I will tell you that she was the first one who came to us a month after vaping and wanted a big hug because vaping was a godsend for her.
I recall a married couple coming into the 47th Terrace location one night to check us out (and by “us”, I’m pretty sure they were checking me and Scott out to make sure we weren’t scammers LOL). The wife was probably the most skeptical person I had met. She started on the 4081 model (the model BEFORE the 808s that everyone loved). I remember she wanted a pink set of batteries. She left that night, amazed that this little device looked so much like a cigarette, but didn’t quite taste like one, and had no lingering smell (not that any of us could smell in those early days). The next day, they both came back in to the store as ‘true believers’. They eventually upgraded throughout the years, then slowly weened themselves off vaping altogether. I remember feeling such joy for them for meeting their goal of quitting.
One of my favorite stories involved a guy who was a 2-pack a day smoker. He was not impressed with the size of the ego style batteries. He wanted to kick the habit using an 808 kit. I talked with him for a while, and told him that I was a 2-pack a day smoker too, and I started with “the one that looks like a cigarette”. I was charging batteries so often that it was driving me insane. So when the egos came out, I was all over it. I told him that I would be happy to sell him whichever kit he liked, but based on his smoking habit, I didn’t think he would be happy with the 808. He felt certain he would be. He came in the very next day, with a big smile, and said, “yeah…I want the bigger battery”. It was funny. We had a good laugh for years over that.
Not all of our stories were done face-to-face. Some of you we got to know online and over the phone. I remember one sweet lady who used to call once a week to order online. She was the friendliest, funniest, most-storytelling customer I ever met. Guaranteed that we would be on the phone for an hour or more just talking. We loved talking to her too. This was back when Buddy would work the phones with us too, and we all had a good story to tell when we got off the phone with her. She was a blast.
Anyone who has ever worked in customer service will have bad experiences to share, but in trying to come up with some, I found my mind wandering toward all of the GOOD that we’ve experienced. It was a struggle to remember the bad. Not that it didn’t happen, but when you have so many fantastic stories to tell, why focus on the bad ones? Look, we all know what it’s like when you can’t get a good hit on your vape device. I know that I’m not that pleasant to be around when it happens to me, and I completely understand what it’s like when a favorite flavor is out of stock, or a trusted battery isn’t working, or your coil isn’t firing correctly. I hope that you all know that I’m not going to take it personally if you get testy, and I’m certainly not going to dwell on the ‘bad’. Our goal has always been to find the solution that makes you happy. When we fail, we strive to learn from it. But when we get it right, we want you to trust that we’ll always try to strive for that.
To my point of this post: we are still here. We may not get to talk face-to-face, but we will chat with you anytime. I can’t speak for anyone else, but vaping saved me from a life of coughing fits (every night, you guys!), stinky hair, yellow fingers, and burn marks on my patio table. We’ve seen and heard how it’s changed your lives. We may have a ‘big company’ looking website, but we’re a small, family-run vaping company. We know where you are in your vaping journey because we’ve been there ourselves. We will continue to do our part in fighting to keep vaping safe and legal for everyone.
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Vaping at 100w safe?

Hello all,

New to vaping,getting off cigs after almost 30 years,been four days on vape so far so good,enjoying it.

I have a Kbox 200 and it has a 0.5 coil,I have it set at 50 watts and it's fine but I tried upping the watts to 100 and found the vape warmer and smoother,liked it.

I am new to these devices and have no idea if it's ok to do that and vape away? Or if it's unsafe,I don't have the correct coil etc? If not what should I have…

Thank you for any insight,appreciated.


I know you are sick of this q….wich mode will you recomend?

hello all,
I am currently vaping kangercech EVOD mega with Nautilus mini and today I visit my friend, bit experienced vaper…so he make me interested in RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers).
thing is I was using one of his modes on 20W with typhoon 2 (or something like that) and I love it.
so now the question, which mode is best buy at the moment, i am looking for cheap and good mode with battery that will keep me going whole day and simple RTA….
please any suggestions?

Can’t get tank off my mod, it’s stuck somehow

I was vaping along happily the other night, and my mod started having problems reading my atomizer. Then it started saying "no atomizer found"… Playing with it, eventually I notice that I can't unscrew the tank off my mod!

It's like the alignment of the tank broke somehow and it's jiggered down in the mod crooked. But it's not like it's just wedged in. Like the ring you can twist to adjust the airflow on the tank, it's not seated as firmly and you can pull on it and get it to come off…

<a href="”>Can't get tank off my mod, it's stuck somehow

Testing devices?

I have relied for over 3 years on a 510 voltage meter to check the remaining voltage in my mechs before switching out batteries. Recently the cylindrical 510 voltage meter I used for so long began hard-shorting and collapsing my hot springs, so I can't use it anymore. Tossed it out. Now I'm trying to find a replacement, but this nice neat cylindrical voltage meter is proving a very hard thing to find. I ordered two of them from different vendors and got the same one from both, which proved…

Testing devices?