TFV8 Issues- Any help appreciated

My mod is a Wotofo Sentorian Chieftain 220W Box mod
About ~2 Months old – Along with the TFV8

Basically what happend is it started to short out in wattage mode (i'm assuming because the ohms are jumping to 0.30-0.45 + ) When i switch to Ni/Ti in TC the ohms drop down to 0.25 (Normal) and it fires and produces a decent amount of vapor but not quite as much as 100+ Watts

It went about a week without shorting once but started jumping ohms again and shorting out this morning.
I've changed…

TFV8 Issues- Any help appreciated

Will this coil work with my mod and tank?

Hello, i recently stopped into my smoke shop to save me from our horrible midwest winters. They set me up with a SMOK quantum brit mini 80w tc ota as seen here <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> so i went back today to purchase new coils and I pointed out to the girl what i bought and she came back with smok v8 baby beast q2 as seen here <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> . I took a look when…

<a href="”>Will this coil work with my mod and tank?

Long time smoker, newbie vaper

Hi folks!

First of all, i want to apologize if i am writting in wrong section. Admins, sorry :)

After smoking for quite some time, I have been vaping for few months (using a small pencil shaped e-cig, competely beginner stuff) and i want to step up and get a more serious device.

But, except filling it with liquid i dont know anything about this stuff :D So, ohms, voltage, coils… i dont know anything about that stuff :D

So, if you get a minute of free time, could you suggest something…

<a href="”>Long time smoker, newbie vaper

Vaping articles

So I read something on how vaping can cause lung cancer , emphysema, copd, and cancer and all of that stuff. Do we know this forsure? I know that I tried smoking a cigarette yesterday and I took two hits and I couldn't breathe and i'm only 22 years old! now I don't have a problem with vaping, my breathing is fine. I could chain vape and be fine. It's weird. The only reason why i'm asking this is cause I recently lost my grandmother from copd and i'm trying to quit so I don't develop that,…

Vaping articles

I want to start vaping

Hello all,

I guess first thing is I've never vaped before but I hear it's a good alternative to smoking which is something I really want to do. I've tried quitting with patches,chantix etc. to no avail. I have heard of a lot of people having success with vaping.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good set up for a beginner. Not too costly but can do the job as I want to make sure I enjoy it before I invest too much money.

I've been reading up…

I want to start vaping

1st time vaping questions…


I posted this question in the wrong place earlier so I'll pop it here were it belongs.

I'm brand spankin new to the vape world.

I want to know how you work out the wattage to set the vaporizer to for a set coil?

Also I smoke 12mg tobacco. Should I add 12 or 6mg/ml to my juice?

Lastly. I have a joyetech egrip 2 and a smok tfv8 big baby I really want to get it up and running soon as I'm quiting the smokes the first minute of 2017 and need to be versed enough with the instrument to…

1st time vaping questions…

Making the change

So i'm still working on making the change from smoking to vaping and it's pretty hard . Does anyone have any tips to not smoke and to vape? Like it is such a habit at work and everything else idk what to do. Also , what has happened to everyone's body since they started vaping and stopped smoking? Good changes , bad changes?

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New vaper mod question

Hi i just started vaping this black friday. My wife forced me to a vape shop and they had the cuboid mini with a bottle of juice for 29.99 so i got it. Figured its worth a shot and i loved it. However recently i bought a new tank the freemax starre and omg so much better loving the flavor and hit. So my question is what is a good mod that i can run at higher wattage and not worry about the battery dieing so quickly? Currently using the cuboid mini battery with starre tank running 40w for…

<a href="”>New vaper mod question