Since I’m having a hard time finding cartomizers I need a new set up!

I have vaped for about 5 years with a automatic xl 808d1 battery and kanger cartos. I have tried the clearomizers and not had much luck. The juice I use is very thin only 10% vg(I don't need a big cloud). The clearomizers seem to flood or something. Also I don't refill my cartos, I like a new one each time. Since I'm having a hard time finding cartos I need something new that will work with my batteries. Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks

Landlord just gave me the Boot!!

When I moved into the apartments I'm living now . ..which I've been at for over 4 years Everyone knew I vaped not a word was said. Now we have a new manager that for some reason likes to pick on the single gals that live here..blabla..anyway she just informed me that vaping was not aloud that I had to go out to the field with the cig smokers..It doesn't say anything on the lease about..ecigs . .vaping ect.I just renewed my lease 3 weeks ago not a word was mentioned..What are the laws…Can…

Landlord just gave me the Boot!!

Searching for a quality Product

hey guys n girls,

so i've been searching for a good liquid vaporizer all day and i came up with two for about 50€.
but both have some very bad comments so im really not sure if i should pick one of those and if so which one.. hope you can help me.
for how i wanna use it: replace my hard smoking (15-25 a day) with this. so daily usage for a long time period cause ima start working in a sports job and i really cant keep smoking like that..

the two products i came up with are:
Thorvap 60W…

Searching for a quality Product

Advice on buying second Vaporizer

I purchased a V2 Void sub ohm starter kit. I found it ok. A bit fiddly. modifying airflow was hit and miss. Customer care was terrible. It had 2 coils. I liked it's size. could slip into pocket without fear of leaking.

I use 50VG/50PG and 60VG/40PG juice.

I dropped it in some water so I'm looking for something new. Would like to get something a little more serious, easy to operate and maintain. Compact. Nice to smoke – clean – smooth. I'm generally a MTL smoker.

Happy to go pre owned to…

<a href="”>Advice on buying second vaporizer

eLiquid Inhale have no taste at all


I don't know where i suppose to ask, which category so i think this topic will have general topic for all kind question. Hope this will okay…

I have problem after making diy eliquid, before that.. i create 100ml eliquid for own use. But somehow i change my diy eliquid taste from coffee to chocolate peanut. First batch taste good smell good. So i stepping almost 4 weeks.

Because i feel chocolate peanut not really come out and still strong coffee, so i decide to give more chocolate…

<a href="”>eliquid Inhale have no taste at all

Stoopid Noob question

so hey ya-ll. I have two sub ohm devices. A top box mini, and a Kbox 200 with a TFV4 on it. Both are running efest batteries supplied by the b&m's that I bought the stuff from. I keep reading about misc electronical goo about batteries being able to supply coils and I'm completely ignorant of this stuff. Also, I'm not too into fiddly so I'm trusting the b&m dudes to do the right thing. Is this something I have to worry about?


I’m going to start vaping but I have questions about the device I want.

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and will start vaping soon but I have a few questions first.

The device I'm looking at is the aspire Plato all-in-one starter kit but I'm a little confused about a few things. First, it says it comes with a direct to lung coil and I am a cigarette smoker so I prefer holding the smoke in my mouth and then inhaling it into my lung, is it possible for me to do this with a direct to lung coil? If not, how difficult is it to change the coil?


I'm going to start vaping but I have questions about the device I want.