Black crap coming out of my aspire tank ?

hello i have an authentic Atlantis aspire tank and every-time i vape i find black metal/plastic pieces in my mouth. i cleaned the tank out bought new coils and i still have the same issue. I contacted Aspire and due to me not having my original box with the serial number they cannot help me. I learned my lesson to keep the original boxes. Any ideas on what i should do ?

Battery life

A quick question on battery life. For my wife, I set up an Eleaf Istick Pico on temperature control using a single 32 gauge nickel coil at 0.18 ohms wrapped around a stainless mesh wick in a steam turbine atomizer. She likes it and vapes at about 450 degrees F. The IMR 18650 LI-MN 35A high drain battery is marked 2500 mAh. She's a pretty steady vaper and got around 4 hours out of the battery. So, the question is, does the battery life seem reasonable?

Smok Knight Kit Or Smok Nano One

Hi, I am new in vaping and I am on my way to get myself a new kit. What I am struggling now is between this two kits. I know the smok knight kit is newer but is it any much differences and is it better than the nano one? I hear that the Knight Kit have some battery door rattle and I check there seems to be no silicone case for the koopor mini 2. Also what other tanks can fit the koopor mini 2 and r-steam mini. Please help me thank you…

Smok Knight Kit Or Smok Nano One

Looking for a good cylinder mod

Hey guys, I just recently started vaping and my friend has a Tesla one max with a uwell tank on it and I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a good mechanical mod or cylinder type vaporizer that is very resilient and stylish?

I'm studying in on wattage and ohms but just looking for a nice looking mechanical mod to start me out that is cylinder since i'm not a huge fan of box mods, really appreciate it guys!

Also if it can use the uwell that would be great since he's getting…

<a href="”>Looking for a good cylinder mod

Coil isn’t…

my coil is not getting hot enough to turn my juice to vapor, well some of it is vapor, but I'm getting juice in the tube and mouthpiece. I am using kanger vertical coils 1.2ohm coils at 15.5 watts. I am vaping on a istick 100W. If I turn the wattage up much higher I get a burnt taste. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!