help me pls about my joyetech evic a newbie bought my evic 2days ago..and its came with nickle and titanium coil..first nickle works fine and i tried my titanium coil and its not firing inshort its not working even i alrdy set my mod into titanium..then i came back to my store and they cant fix it so thy recomend me to use it in power mode?its kinda wrong coz all review in youtube all titanium coil works in evic vt with titanium mode in it?so its ok to use it in power mode?coz i…


Has there been any updates yet?

Just curious. When all this happened at the beginning of the month, everyone grabbed their pitchforks. Several groups came forward to fight for us. One lawsuit was filed. And its been nothing but "support Cole/biship and HR2058".
Its been about 2-3 weeks now and its been mostly silent. Is there a running blog or website with where things are sitting at for us?

I understand anything government related takes a LOOOONNNNNNGGG time, but it seems to me that after the initial outrage, things…

Has there been any updates yet?


I get the periodic newsletter from my federal representative since the first time I wrote to her. I take the time to go back to her "contact me" link and respond to it. I actually don't discuss what is in her newsletter, but I do ask why her actions on the use of vaporizers for smoking cessation is not in it.

This time, I mentioned "A Billion Lives". I am grateful for those that speak of it here because I searched for it to review before I include the paragraph. I also mentioned the…


FDA regulations

Hello. :)
Korean company will launch new products in July.
I have few questions about FDA regulations.
1. Do we need to get approval from FDA to start selling e-cigarettes in USA market if we enter the it before August 8? Will be there any problem if we start selling the product.

2. If the product is already in the market before August 8, and they still can sell the product for 2 years more, why do the retail shop owners and wholesaler so much afraid of the date 08.08?:blink:

3. How does…

51013/”>FDA regulations

What about non-nicotine containing juices/products?

Forgive me for any ignorance I might display here as I am new to this space:

What about the disposable products and the juices (and I believe there are quite a few juices) that don't contain any nicotine?

Are they lumped in under the PMTA requirements and if so, do you think the FDA might ultimately be a bit more lenient with them?

Although not as desirable as nicotine containing products, some people just want something to puff on, that just has a nice flavor (like myself).

All the lawsuits files – any injunctions?

Does anyone know if any of the lawsuits filed have included a request for a preliminary injunction?

Considering that most on the federal level take years to wend their way through the courts, especially with cutbacks and shortages of judges on the bench, I'm hoping that at least one will try to get a prelim. Otherwise, by the time this gets to any final ruling, everything will already be gone