Every Option for Vaping Devices

I am working on the list that lists all possible features / options that vaping device might have and description for each feature/option. So if you could pitch it, and add your 10cents– would be great.

This is what I have so far

Device: mod

Variable Volt
Variable Watt
Temp mode
Built in battery
Removable Battery
Screen Size
Puff Count
Wattage: Range or Fixed
Battery mAh
Resistance: Range
Power Cutoff
Possibility to Update Firmware

Every Option for Vaping Devices

New here and to sub ohms

I hope to make friends…it sure is lonely blowing clouds and no one with the same interest.

I have been a pack or more a day smoker for over 30 years.

Since my wifes cardiac bypass ..I quit cigs for over a year by mixing my own juice and weening myself off nic using ego's /ego c twist and have been zero nic for over a year now. Un-till recently (couple days) I gave in to the nic with the lure of thick clouds by dripping 3mg nic on top of 0 nic 70/30 vg (30 is flavor) in my RDA's ….

New here and to sub ohms

Vape Terminology and Definitions

Adapter – An adapter allows a certain atomizer or cartomizer to fit a different battery than the standard.

Analog – A traditional cigarette that takes a flame.

APV – Advanced personal vaporizer. Generally requires separate batteries, tanks, and atomizers. Can be mechanical or electrical.

Atomizer or Atty – One of the central components of an ecig. It heats up the liquid and vaporizes it.

Automatic Ecig – A type of ecig that automatically activates during inhale. As opposed to…

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