Famed and Significant Vaping Terms

vapor – The Americanization of the word ‘Vapour’. A Cigarette produces smoke whereas e-cigarette releases vapors. The process is not subject to combustion as an e cigarette doesn’t burn.

vaper – The user of an e cigarette is called a vaper. Or a person who vaporizes with a personal vaporizer. Also; vaporer, vaperer, Vapist, vape-head, vape Junkie.

vape – The use of, the action of or the reference to the vaporization and inhalation of an electronic…

Famed and Significant Vaping Terms

General Vaping Discussion • compare new arrival smy170w tc mod with ipv d2

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compare new arrival smy170w tc mod with ipv d2

smy170w tc Temperature Control Box mods 2015

2015 new arrival smy170w tc temp control box mods ,in the firt impression is the mod have big color screen on the body

it show the power time ,puff account,resistance,wattage,voltage,time date and so on.

then the like magnet “U” design for you good hand feeling, simply color black and white follow concise style. :geek: :geek: :geek:

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