General Vaping Discussion • 0.1ohm smy50 temperature control vapor mod review

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Bestfire batteries?

Has anyone heard of these Bestfire batteries? I saw them on e-bay but I can’t find anything else about them. They have 30, 60, and 90 amp 26650 batteries. And danger from 3500mah to 6000 mah. If anyone knows anything about Bestfire please let me know.

I’m currently using purple efest 3500mah 64amp batteries but there not fully charging. They are coming off the charger at 4.16 volts.. I need some new batteries but want to keep the high amps. Thanks.

General Vaping Discussion • Anyvape RBA coil head for Atlantis series tank, Eleaf Melo

Dear Sir

Hope everyone is doing well!
As many people asked Aspire release the RBA coil head for their sub ohm tank–Atlantis series tank, but still not okay!
In order to offer our customer best service, our factory–Any<a href="”>vape have develop a special RBA coil head, which can fits with Aspire Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Atlantis Mega, as well as Eleaf Melo tank.
<a href="http://any<a href="”>” rel=”nofollow”>http://any<a href="”> … offer.html

Contact me anytime if you interested in.
Email address: <a href="mailto:Jack@any<a href="”>”>Jack@any<a href="”>
T.M: cn1511352677
Skype: luping.xie

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Just Lazy

Seems I am getting lazy in my old age, or just smarter.  Not sure.
All I know is my poor eyes can take a break.


4e234e0b-dab2-4d25-bbdf-3747e665d2a4.jpg    72d428d2-c477-4bb3-8c2f-f7e61d72a8a0.jpg


Nicely coiled 1.5 ohm ( 1.4 when I attach to my Russian posts )
A package of 50 and all are usable. ( $2.86 at FT )


Paired with these, got things covered for awhile.


74d69d38-c936-40cf-9ff1-acac6ef35820.jpg    IMAG0487.jpg  IMAG0488.jpg ( $7.99 at Amazon )



Are rebuilds going to be dead?

Talk it out, whats everyone think? These mod box battery’s, temp control, new coils, lower sub ohm capability. Are the RBA/RDA going to be a thing of the past? Thing’s are coming out to fast. These company’s are after every extra penny we got this year lol 


Whats everyone’s thoughts? 

General Vaping Discussion • sub ohm tank ful fit temp control mod speed 7 glass atomizer

Sub ohm tank ful fit temp control mod speed 7 glass atomizer
More details:

1.Adjustable Airflow: The air-inlet hole on speed 7 is enlarged compare to the previous version. In this case,huger <a href="”>vapor could be enjoyed while the device will not be too hot.One can easily rotate the regulation cover to adjust the airflow, the more the slot is covered, the less the airflow is.

2.Organic Cotton Wick: Pure organic cotton is used as the wick of RBA head, people could enjoy a more pure flavor when vaping.

3.Larger Diameter of Mouthpiece: Cloud <a href="”>vapor production is easily produced by speed 7 and the extended size of mouthpiece could make the inhale more comfortable.

4. Huge Capacity: The speed 7 have 2.5ml capactity, Can store enough e liquid, convinent for different <a href="”>vapors.

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General Vaping Discussion • support parallel series kungfu v4 dual 26650 18650 box mod

support parallel series kungfu v4 dual 26650 18650 box mod
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New KUNGFU V4 new smoking technology,Dual 26650 or 18650 baterries Switch Box mod,Put in Series or in Parallel,Greatness By Design.Unique and Original .

Features for Smy Kungfu V4 mech mod

1) Variable wattage, mini box mod design.

2) Adjustable electrode/top pin.

3) Use newest Aluminium Alloy material.

4) The cover can choose magnets or screw structure, Optional lock mode.

5) Dual 26650/18650 with mosfet switch.

6) Fit in all resistance.

7) Switch to series or parallel modes—real switch 26650 box mod

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General Vaping Discussion • Cheap e juice with top quality and organic

Recently I was looking for some cheap e <a href="”>juice online stores. I received these cheap e <a href="”>juice for <a href="”>diy, it is best e <a href="”>juice.
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