Proof of Concept

Yesterday in a moment of insanity or senility, I left to fetch lunch and go banking I forgot my vaping supplies.  When I got to the first corner I felt in my pocket and found ……….. nothing.   I a quick fit of panic I headed toward the roundabout to return to get my stash. But as I approached something crossed my mind and that was I really don’t need it.  I can go about my business and <a href="”>vape when I finish.  But another thought crossed my mind, and that was that banking isn’t a finite timed activity.  I could have to wait a long time before getting waited on.  And then another thought:  This is a great time to see how I feel without vaping at my disposal.  So I went for it.  It turned out quite ok.  I fetched the lunch, went to the bank did my business and they even screwed up my plan as usual.  As I was leaving the cashier shouted over, “Do you want any 1 ringgit notes?”  I said, I’ll have to see if there’s any extra money at the shop.”  So I had to drive to the shop, get money, go back to the bank, get the notes and THEN go home to my vaping stuff.  And you know what?  I mostly forgot that I didn’t have my stuff.  It turned out to almost be a non issue.  I didn’t even think of buying a dreaded pack, or even really keep reaching for my missing equipment.  I got wrapped up in what I had to do and just got on with it.  It’s a great feeling to know that after almost 50 years of two packs a day, I’m really over it.  I have no intention of stopping vaping, because I do really enjoy it, but I think I don’t NEED it.  So cool!





























Follow Up on Battery Discharge/Recharge Levels.

I always try to look for a gearhead analogy to help my feeble brain understand things.  I remember when I got my first car that had a voltmeter instead of an ammeter.  I think it was in a 1973 Pontiac Grand Am.  It had reverted to full gauges from idiot lights.  All my early 1950s cars had ammeters until I got some 1960s cars, most of which had idiot lights.  I never understood the benefit.  The battery and generator/alternator were working OK if the needle was on the plus side in either case. Now vehicles are mostly equipped with the totally confusing ‘check engine’ light which I can do, and usually see nothing by opening the bonnet and looking.   I also can understand the idea of not discharging a battery too far because all the RV enthusiasts maintain that it’s battery murder to frequently discharge a house deep cycle battery below 50%, but until very recently these batteries are all some variation of lead/acid.  So someday we might have a setup that has a ‘Check mod‘ warning?  :) 

Sports Colors

Since I am a UGA fan, thought I’d get a set up for watching the games here in VOL country, lol.

Red Nemesis with a brushed Silver Russian91 on top.

Also thinking about the all black Nemesis with a Black Russian clone for when the team wears the Black uniform.

Anyone else have a rig for their team ?


rednemesis.jpg        russian91.jpg


blacknemesis.jpg   blackrussian.jpg



Aspire ESP30W + Aspire Atlantis 2 = not working

Was so excited today to get my new Aspire ESP30W + Aspire Atlantis 2.  When I <a href="”>juiced up, charged up, and <a href="”>vaped up, it didnt fire.  I got an error that says “Check Atomizer”.   I removed the tank, removed the coil and reattached everything.  Same error.  I had ordered 2 Atlantis’ so I tried the other one.  Same error.  That means I am doing something wrong.   Anyone know what it is?


Also, I put a Nautilus Mini on the ESP, lowered it down to 10W and it fired just fine.  Must be the tanks right?  Appreciate any help out there.  Thanks.