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Hi guys,
How are you, i hope you guys can get your packages ealier! Today in order to feedback our regulars, we would share with you one great deal!

You will save more from purchasing this one, you have it with 33.9USD.
Cloupor Mini 30W VV/VW Box mod
<a href="http://www.c<a href="”>” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.c<a href="”>
<a href="http://www.c<a href="”>” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.c<a href="”> … –mode.html
Now we have many silver ones in stock, and the black ones will be on arrival at this weekend, and hopefully you guys like this deal, and if you have other needs, please put them forward, i will try more help! you know where to find me!
Have a nice day!
best wishes,
Troy from C<a href="”>

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Round two – go

here’s the round 2 thread
posting rules from the 1st round thread


Originally Posted by kno
<a href="<a href="”>vape/655535-contest-3x-vv-mods.html#post15341538″ rel=”nofollow”>View Post
Here are the rules.
We are giving away 3x Varitube SX – Lavatube (Lambo 4.0) what have you.
First winner -must be post # 300 – i don’t care if you have multiple posts
The forum shifts when a lot of people post at once so wait a while and make sure that it’s ACTUALLY you who is post number 300 when all the dust settles.
In order to win – the 300th poster must then make a NEW thread in this forum titled – ROUND TWO – GO
We then wait for another user to reach post 300 – it can not be the same winner as the first – however – the winner of the first prize must post at least 10 times in the second thread in order to finish claiming their prize!
Once we have a second winner of the second thread with 300 posts – he/she must then create ANOTHER thread titled – ROUND THREE – LET’S GET IT
yes – exact same ridiculous thread name. The winner of the second prize must post 10 times in this third thread to finish claiming their prize.
Post number 250 in the 3rd thread will win the third prize without need of posting a new thread or following this ridiculous rule set that we made up for no reason.
Ready Set Go.

What’s on your wish list?

I got to thinking today about what i would put into my wish list from various places. I realized that at the moment there aren’t too many things on my wish list, but was curious what was on other people’s lists.
Here’s mine (at the moment):
A Reo
<a href="”>diy <a href="”>juice setup
A <a href="”>vaporFlask rDNA 40
Another RDA…or 3…
Maybe a Mech mod just to play
A nice stand for my gear
A decent bag to organize my stuff when I’m out

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Ohm’s Law: Safe Sub-Ohm Twisted 26g Quad Coil

Using the pen twisting wire technique to twist two 26g kanthal wires together, and build a quad coil out of the twisted wire. Here are a few pictures of the build in progress.

Click image for larger version. 

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Build came in at 1.2 Ω. With the Vappower IMR26650 4200mAh’s full charge at 4.2V.
Apply some ohm’s law to that.
<a href="” rel=”Lightbox_0″><img src="” border=”0″ alt=”Click image for larger version. 

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My batter is rated for 60 Amp pulses and a 40 Amp continuous discharge.
35Amps < 40Amps.
This build is safe.
There is no volt drop on my mod. Volts register at 4.23V @ the 510 contacts for the atomizer.

Here is an animated gif of me blowing a cloud with this build: Cloud

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35 years of smoking… DONE!

Three years ago, I discovered e-cigs while visiting family in the U.S. I fell in love. I came back home (to Canada) and excitedly went looking for the nicotine <a href="”>juice I knew I would need to give any serious attempt at quitting smoking. My dismay when I learned it was unavailable here at that time (or hard to find at least) was intense! I went back to smoking.

Three weeks ago, I finally clued in to the massive changes in Canada and the many places that now carry quality nicotine <a href="”>juice! I also learned that the ecig and mod market had exploded into something with its own language while I was not paying it any attention!

I no longer smoke. I have cigarettes in my car that I could access anytime I want. I have had a rough three weeks (with unforeseen crazy stress landing in my lap!) and NOT ONCE have I thought that I need a cigarette. My husband even pointed out that I was puffing especially often one evening when I was talking about something that had occurred and (literally) rocked my world. He said "it doesn’t matter, I’m just imagining how many cigarettes you might have smoked by now if you were doing that and am so pleased you didn’t cave in and go light one". Honestly, IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME TO GET A CIGARETTE!

I can’t believe how easy this has been. No cravings, none of the horrific side effects of prior quits. No moodiness, no hunger pangs… nothing. Just an automatic and happy vaping experience and no more cigarettes.

I cannot see a reason to ever need another cigarette. (Don’t laugh at me and think me naive – I HAVE QUIT in the past and I know how easily one can fall back into smoking). Vaping, for me, gives me the psychological ritual that I love about smoking AND satisfies my nicotine craving all at the same time.

I don’t need cigarettes anymore and I couldn’t be happier about it! Many thanks to this forum and its users for all its help when you didn’t even know I was lurking. Happy to be among like-minded individuals!

– eleaf istick 30W with nautilus mini
– vaping crave 100% VG <a href="”>juices (FABULOUS!)