Smoktech Magneto help…

I got one of these recently, and it’s supposed to be version 3.

I have an Aspire Nautilus Mini with it and am having trouble with it. I’m using an 18500 battery with it. I first put it together and it seems that I was not getting consistent hits at all. Lot’s of bubbling in the tank and sometimes a huge hit or a mouthful of <a href="”>juice. I am thinking of changing the coil (new coil that came with the tank) but have found a few other things that I may be doing wrong.

I noticed that the battery will push down depressing the bottom button inside and don’t know if when I screw the top on if I should screw it tight enough for the battery to bottom out…?

The bottom button safety stop piece will not screw either clockwise or counter clockwise, it is stuck and will not move. I used it before but now can’t remember which way it should turn to stop the button…clockwise or counter clockwise? I have tried to screw it both ways and it just won’t move anymore. (currently stuck in on/open position)

And I also have a kick that will not fit in it with this battery. Does the battery have to be a 18490? The place I got it from said the 18500 would work fine with a kick in it, but it will not it seems.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Need a tank that looks like a kayfun

Hi Everyone. My sister is looking for a gift for my brother in law for Christmas. He saw my Kayfun and loved the way it looked. I have the one that is solid chrome with no glass. He loved the look of it, but doesn’t do RBA’s. He is currently using an aerotank and was looking for something that performs well, but that he can pop in a coil instead of building one. Any suggestions?

Which Subscription Service do you use/have tried? Why do you like/not like them?

Not sure if this has been made as a topic before, if so sorry about that.

So who has tried monthly e-<a href="”>juice services? Who did you try? What did you like or not like about them?

I know there is zamplebox, <a href="”>vaporliq, e<a href="”>juicepack, <a href="”>juicecrate, zodist, <a href="”>vape box, the drip club, easy <a href="”>vape club, craft <a href="”>vapery, ok that’s enough.

Let’s hear your thoughts!?

need help ASAP!!!

I don’t know what I was thinking but I bought some Sony vtc3 18650 batteries from ebay thinking they where the real deal. I should of done my homework but I read in some other threads that it was fine to buy batteries from ebay/Amazon. Now in my ignorance I may have an unsafe mod and it scares the hell out of me. How am I supposed to know if these are fake or not? I knew not to buy from china/Japan so I bought from a us seller but I failed to look that they where manufactured in Japan. If these are fake than 891 people could be in a very bad predicament! If anyone has any info or can help me please let me know ASAP!!! Thanks guys.

here is a link to the sellers page: 2 Sony US18650VTC3 High Drain 30A Rechargeable Li on 18650 Battery 1600mAh New | eBay

Tingling feeling on tongue

I just got a new tabacco <a href="”>juice (mystique) and it leaves a weird tingling feeling on my tongue and the back of my throat. Nicotine is only 6mg and I drip 18mg regurally. Also never had a reaction to the pg/vg before. So I know the cause is neither of these. I am thinking I might have an alergy to something in the <a href="”>juice but am unsure. Just looking for a second opinion.

Posture QIs uestion?

I’ve noticed that when some <a href="”>vapers <a href="”>vape they lean down and slowly go up while taking a hit. Does this produce more smoke? More of a lung hit? Is there a posture for vaping. I’m kinda of a newbie I have been cigarette free for about 2 weeks now.