Aspire Nautilus issue

I love my Aspire Nautilus,..  really amazing tank.  I have the big one and I only have to fill it about once a day or just over.  But, the replaceable atomizer got stuck in the tube (the non-threaded part).  I tried and tried to remove it, then my husband tried to take it out with some pliers, but the glass cracked!  I went ahead and ordered another one from hoosier (great deal at $27).  I know someone sells replaceable parts (for now just duct taping the crack and still can’t get the atomizer out).  Does anyone know where to get these replacements or if it is even worth it?  Very sad.  :(

Good E-Juice Calculator?

Alrighty, im still kinda new here. So please forgive me if this question has been asked countless times. Im looking for a good, accurate mixing calculator. Any suggestions? ive noticed some use measurements based on drops, and percentages. But, im interested in calculators that use measurements based on mL since I’ll be using syringes.

Are those Sony VTC4s from real?

Hi guys, I purchased my Sony VTC4s from RTD<a href="”> since many people recommended rtd <a href="”>vapor as a respected online vendor. Today I finally got them. Based on what I read from how to spot fake Sony batteries at <a href="http://www.sun-<a href="”>” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>How to spot a fake Sony VTC5 battery, I am not sure if what I have got are authentic.

So to all the battery experts, could you please help me out? Much appreciated.

Here are the pictures.

<a href="<a href="”>vapor-com-real-img_0431.jpg” title=”Name: IMG_0431.jpg
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<a href="<a href="”>vapor-com-real-img_0432.jpg” title=”Name: IMG_0432.jpg
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<a href="<a href="”>vapor-com-real-img_0433.jpg” title=”Name: IMG_0433.jpg
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<a href="<a href="”>vapor-com-real-img_0434.jpg” title=”Name: IMG_0434.jpg
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<a href="<a href="”>vapor-com-real-img_0436.jpg” title=”Name: IMG_0436.jpg
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My concerns are,

1. The QR codes look too bright and dense.
2. The seem looks like what was in the fake one in the article, <a href="http://www.sun-<a href="”>” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.sun-<a href="”>…Nasty-Seam.jpg

More pics in the next post since they only allow five in one post.

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