Blank Images on Banners

Just a note – the blank images have been resolved – there was an issue with the code. You should no longer see "blank tiles" without data. If you happen to see it occur again, please let me know so I can communicate with the developer!

Also, we have loaded lots of new colors and options on the website… some of them are redundant so we may remove them (I played with some textures, etc – kinda cool).

Has anyone had to go back to analogs temporarily?

I’m currently in qinhuangdao China and have no <a href="”>juice left I won’t be back in Canada until Wednesday. I have no idea where or if I can buy liquid here and no one speaks English. So my question is has anyone gone back to analogs when they had no other choice? How hard was it to go back to vaping? I’ve been off analogs for almost 4 years and have been vaping since I quit. I know it’ll be gross to smoke a real cig but I’ve got a long flight back home and I don’t know how I’m going to do this.

Blu Starter Pack Not Charging Problem

Got a Blu starter pack with the charging case and at first all was well and a great ecig experience. Then one of the 2 supplied battery unit units stopped taking a charge and would allow only 2-3 puffs before needing another charge. Putting it in the charging case it would charge quickly and the same 2-3 puffs. The second battery unit was still good and now it too has reached a condition where it goes a few puffs for a while, charges quickly (per the red light going out on the charger pack).

Is there a way to fix this as I otherwise like the small ecigs and flavors?


I have heard that the vtc 26650 is the highest amp 26650. But like the 18650 version, they are gone. I ran across this, sounds like a goofy brand but it’s supposed to be better than the vtc 26650..

Does anyone have experience with these?
If not, what are the highest CONTINUOUS DISCHARGE 26650 batteries currently available?

Here they are

<a href="http://www.rtd<a href="”>” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.rtd<a href="”>…4200mah-50amp/

eGo C Upgrade’s USB port not working (FIX)

So I recently bought the ego C upgrade at a local vendor, I fell in love instantly. Vaping for hours on end without having to switch out batteries and waiting for charged ones. Tonight the usb port stopped working. It wouldn’t show signs of charging after the battery had fully depleted (the 10 blue blinks of death). I swore a lot and searched all over here and the other reaches of the internets for an answer, and there was nothing. So I had to go at it on my own. I put the battery in my old ego charger (screwing the center post into the charger) and let it charge for about a half hour, then I took it off and plugged it into the usb passthrough, nothing happened so I hit the button, still nothing happened. More swearing…Then I thought to attach the cartomizer and then click the button, sure enough the red light at the bottom when on, and started charging through the passthrough. So far it’s still working. Will let you know if anything changes!

Thinning the juice

How would I go about thinning 100% VG <a href="”>juice, meant for use in a drip set-up, to use in an ego style tank <a href="”>vaporizer?

The charger I got for the batteries is a POS and isn’t charging.
And my favorite <a href="”>vapor lounge moved to a different town.

I heard something about distilled water, but would that really help?

Database errors and virus alerts

As previously reported by others the site is showing database errors. It also looks like one of your inline ads is infected with a virus.

reported by advast!
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