Help me pick something out!

Hey all,

I budget myself pretty strictly when it comes to vaping, but on the 10th of every month, I have a "<a href="”>vape budget day". I’ll buy a new mod, e-<a href="”>juice, batteries, RDA’s, whatever…And I do hit B&Ms, I don’t order stuff from online.

This month, I really don’t know what to get! Last month was the big jump into RDA’s and mechanical mods..And I am currently using a Caravela clone, two Tobh RDA’s, Sony VTC3s and VTC4s, an i2 charger and a few other gizmos. I know that I am going to be buying a new toolbox, or "<a href="”>vape box", now that I am rebuilding, and a few small tools.

I’ve been looking at copper mods and a definitely want to get one – The Stingray X really seems like the one I want. I also would really like a Dark Horse RDA. I’m not sure what I am going to find at my local stores since I don’t go to them all that often. My friend has this exact combo and I LOVE it. So that is where I am at now.

If any of you have suggestions for purchases like rda’s, mechanicals, batteries, chargers, and even just please shout out. I need ideas!!

Thanks!:<a href="”>vapor:

I don’t know what is wrong

hi let me tell you a little about myself! I started vaping jan 8 and was using 12 nic lvl for most of the time but recently went up to 18 i like it good solid throat hit. The problem is at first when i get a new bottle i get a nice throat hit but more i use the same bottle throat hit drastically goes down and i get almost nothing i don’t know why it started happening in the last two 30ml bottle i have gotten both 18 (and i do shake before i feel my tank) if you can understand this lol any advice you could give that will help.

Thanks Skylare

Help me pick a beginner’s RDA

I’ve been looking at RDA reviews for over a week, I just can’t decide. And many threads and blogs out there are out of date a little.

I’m looking for a dual coil, with adjustable airflow, that could run fine from an MVP2 (nothing crazy sub-ohm or cloud chasing, obviously). And I’m a lung hitter.

I already ordered a "454 Big Block RDA Clone", thinking that I might upgrade to a more powerful mod later on and probably do 4 coils. But IDK, it looks intimidating. Plus is never a bad idea to have a backup.


Wattage and ohms

I looked at a chart for my sigelei 100 watt and at .2-.5 ohms it can achieve 100 watts. Wouldn’t it be a no brainier to use the highest ohm possible for an amount of wattage? I know that the higher ohm you use the less <a href="”>juice is used. But if it is the same wattage would it burn the <a href="”>juice all the same? I’m just figuring out the best way to get the most out of my <a href="”>juice at high wattage. I normally don’t <a href="”>vape at 100 watts only when to impress my friends. My sweet spot is around 60.

Hello ECF! Finally took the dive into vaping!

Hi ECF members! I’ve been wanting to try vaping for a while, after a few spins with bad disposables, I decided to take the plunge with my pops because he wanted to quit as well. We both just started with the ego kits the ones with 2 batteries, 2 cartomizers etc. I know I want to upgrade atleast a bit in the future, but that’s later and not now. I was a marlboro menthol smoker, and I was suggested by our local shops employee to taste ‘Diamond <a href="”>vapors’ "Port of Miami." I liked it enough to buy a 10ml, and I also tried the Contraband "Shank Berry" which I got a 30ml, as that’s the only size they had. I’m enjoying the whole process of it so far, I admittedly smoked 2 butts since purchasing the kit around noon today, but I don’t wanna just toss the few analogs I have left haha. Just looking for any friendly tips or welcomes to get us going.

On a side note I caught a whiff of someone vaping that Mothers Milk from SB while in the shop, and it smelt FANTASTIC lol. I see it has high reviews online but if anyone has tried it please let me know if it tastes as good vaping as it smelt!

And last but not least, any good <a href="”>juice recommendations, especially if they’re similar to Marlboro Menthol, or Lights(what my pops was smoking)

Thanks in advance for any good tips/help you can give me, and I’ll pass on to pops! 😀

Aspire K1 Glassomizer, Will it hold?

Hey all TheGunmin here,

I wanted to ask anyone who owns a K1 for a long time or has heard a lot about it. If they notice any major problems with it. I’m looking to buy one in a few days so that it can stand up to any type of <a href="”>juice and I hear BVC are the shiz. In a review somewhere I read that person’s tank came apart after two weeks, that the glue at the top and bottom, wore away completely.

I’ve had a T3s for about a month now and the bottom glue area wore away, causing the tank to leak. I put a nice ring of crazy glue around it and set it by a fan overnight 8-12hours to ensure that it was dry before loadin up again. It now still works like a dream and the problem is solved. Im not really afraid of using a little crazy glue here and there, but will I need to, eventually, with the K1?

Your experience with the K1 is also appreciated. I wanna know if its a really good glasso.

95 bottles of juice in a bag

Hi all!

I went to the <a href="”>vape summit in houston yesterday and am trying to figure out how to get through the 75+ bottles of free <a href="”>juice I got (I already had a good 15 from my local shops already). I was thinking I would just fill my tank, and slide the bottle to a different storage location until I sampled them all. Unless anyone else has a better technique, especially if I end up with a "the one" <a href="”>juice in the midst of it all.

My main question is, how long is <a href="”>juice good for?

With a haul like this, I don’t think I’ll need to buy any <a href="”>juice for a year.

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Halo e juice??

I keep seeing stuff about Halo e <a href="”>juice.

Would this be good for someone dripping at .2 or .3 ohms or is it meant more for a digital mod cartomizer type set up?

I have been dripping 3Nic and wonder if switching to the 6Nic would knock me on my butt??

Also curious if people would consider it really dry or more of a wet <a href="”>vape??

I really like Turkish tobacco but am looking for a better one than I have available to me and was thinking of giving Halo’s tobacco trial pack a try.