General Vaping Discussion • Re: A DV Christmas flavour – GOLD!

How about fruitcake?? That would be a could one too. But this one sounds awesome. Love your <a href="”>juice because I can count on the fact its perfect to its name. So if it sounds good it is good.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Best all in one Webshop for ecigs? is best retailer of electronics cigarette. The shop has a great collection of liquid flavors. You can also taste the various flavors. The product range is excellent and the prices are super reasonable! I would absolutely recommend this place. Go check it out for yourself.

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The Reo Has Arrived!!! *PICS*

My new LP Reo Grand came in today and I haven’t <a href="”>vaped anything else all day.<a href="” title=”Name: photo_1.jpg
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Size: 20.1 KB”>photo_1.jpg<a href="” title=”Name: photo_2.jpg
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Size: 19.5 KB”>photo_2.jpg and If anyone can tell me what the best way is to take and upload pictures to the forum that would be greatly appreciated.:tongue:
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Advertising Rules for E-Cigarettes

According to upcoming UK news Some rules are uprise for promotion:

Promotions should not be prone to advance especially to individuals under 18, particularly by reflecting or being connected with youth society

Individuals indicated utilizing e-cigarettes or assuming a critical part should not one or the other be, nor appear to be, under 25

Advertisements should not be controlled at individuals under 18 through the choice of media or the setting in which they show up

Promotions should not energize non-smokers or non-nicotine clients to utilize e-cigarettes

Promotions must make clear that the item is an e-cigarette and not a tobacco item

New to vaping, have some questions

So I just started vaping roughly 2 weeks ago.

Right now I have a Vision Spinner and a PT3. After reading a lot online I bought an aero base for it to see how I liked it; so far so good.

Now I just ordered a full Vamo V5 kit from Fastech and it’s on the way. I already received my Intelli charger and AW 18650s, the kit comes with 18350s so I wanted to be able to try all three bat options on my new toy when it arrives. I’ve been looking at tank options because I feel I should be able to get better flavor than what I am getting now. I’ve considered the Nautilus but am not sure if it will really be much of an upgrade over my Protank. After searching for a while I saw that the Aspire Atlantis will be releasing soon but have no clue about sub OHM vaping. Is this a tank I’d be able to run on my Vamo or would I need a new mod already if I wanted to go that route?

EDIT: Not sure if it matters but the <a href="”>juices I have right now are Cutwood Unicorn Milk, The Collection Duffy, Time Bomb TNT, and Cosmic Charlies Dream.

Also, any <a href="”>juice suggestions? I’M HOOKED!

Orchid quad twist coils

Alright guys, I’ve happend to stumble across a use for all that old wire you might have stuck in a drawer some where. I myself started building coils on an old pro tank and quickly I had a decent stock of 30 and 32 ga. wire. When I got my orichid and nemmy and felt safe going sub ohm, I did so, but then I had another problem.. So for months I’ve been sitting on all this wire with really no use for it, that is until tonight. So fooling around, I was twisting some 32 gauge wire in on it self, and was like "what the heck, let’s toss it in and see how it <a href="”>vapes" and boy did it <a href="”>vape! But Because I am forever a tinker, I wanted to see what else it could do, so I took the twisted wire and twisted it on it self again and now, after blowing thru a full tank on the orchid, I have to say that I like my "quad twisted 32 ga. Wire" over my normal "go to" wire of 26. Anyone else figure this out with their old wire? Did I invent something new that will take the world by storm?…… Probably not lol, as I’m sure it has been done already, but if you have spare wire, and some high quality batteries and know what you are doing (my set up measured .3 ohms) I’d highly suggest you try it out and be as impressed as I am.