New to forum

Hey, new to the forum so I figured I would introduce myself. I was a member in the past, but lost my login information after almost a year of non-use.

I hope to eventually sell my custom e-<a href="”>juice, I have recepies for several premium grade blends, from melon and candy to coffee and tobacco.

At the moment I am running the Anarchist 18650 copper mod, all copper contacts and connections, no magnets at the moment. I am using a Helios dripper with dual coil 1/8th inch macro’s running at .32 Ohms, each consists of 4 wraps of 24 gauge kanthol. I also have the partiot but I have yet to resize the post holes, at the moment they are far too narrow to dual coil anything lower gauge than 26.

(Authentic) Plume Veil v1.5 by Aethertech Review

Well……. It’s finally here. After months of pre-orders, excuses, delays, promises, un-fulfilled promises, and more excuses…… It’s finally here. The Plume Veil by Aethertech. Mine arrived recently from a trusted vendor who will remain nameless for this review for purposes that will probably become clear later.
For those of you that aren’t aware, Aethertech announced the release of the newest Plume Veil several months ago. I think it was around August and have been promising the product "by next week" on their Instagram page for at least a month. They had to refund several online vendors their money as they kept up with the "next week they’ll be here, we promise" longer than those vendors were willing to tolerate. You couldn’t find an update on their website because it’s basically a useless joke that doesn’t even have photos of most of their products, just pictures of their logo in a portrait.
But after Riptrippers reviewed the original back in the beginning of July of this year, giving the product rave reviews, most of the vaping community was willing to overlook a lot of what might seem like warning signs from the USA company called Aethertech. At least this reviewer here was.
So, after waiting in the background for some time, and watching a few vendors pull their pre orders, I decided (after a few beers) that I should dive in and grab one. So about a week ago, I pulled the trigger on one at the price of $115 plus shipping to buy one that was in Stock at a well known vendor for a little over an hour. I’ve waited patiently and yesterday my wait was finally over.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you……
THE PLUME VEIL 1.5!!!!!!!!

…… Ugggghhh. Well, uh OK I thought……
Packaging isn’t everything right? I mean sure, the box is dented, and it’s held in place with packing tape, yep, cheap gross packing tape, and the label is obviously made on an ink jet printer and isn’t laminated like a sticker but more like a label you’d buy at Office Depot in sheets for printing out bulk addresses on envelopes….. But c’mon man, it’s a freakin’ Plume Veil! So who cares! Right??
So, after cutting off the packing tape that’s used to hold the cheap plastic windowed tin box together, I discover the reason for it. It’s because the top literally just sits on top of the box and it you turn it upside down, it actually just falls off. So after that I was led to more disappointment, to see my atty sitting in cheap foam, with a baggie containing 6 screws.

Scrounging around further, I began to wonder, where are the extra o-rings? Where’s the silly screwdriver that I have a thousand of? Where is the product manual showing me when and where this was made? Where the heck is anything showing this is even authentic??????? How about a company phone number, or something even saying what the hell product I have!!!
Nope, it’s too cool for that crap. Who needs a letter showing its authentic, or a QC sign off!? I mean, if 7 dollar bottles of e<a href="”>juice have that kind of stuff, then this shouldn’t! Ya know, cuz it’s a Plume Veil!! Hell, it is so damn cool, it doesn’t even need the phone number or the web address of the company that manufactured it anywhere in or on its packaging. Because, did I mention, it’s a Plume Veil.
Alright, well enough of this. Let’s get down to the real nitty gritty. Once I unpackaged the product, I noticed how truly dirty it was. This wasn’t a huge surprise as this was an issue with the previous version. However, I was surprised to see what appeared to be sub-par manufacturing in the 510 threading which can be seen easily in the photo below.

And if you zoom in closely on the image below you can see all of the filth that was covering the inside of the deck.

And the lousy manufacturing of the nylon insert is super clear in the image below.

So, about 10 minutes later after a nice bath I’d dried her off and then noticed the remainder of the machining disapointments. Check out the threading on the top cap where the nylon insert threads into the top cap.

<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Not to be dismayed, I sat with my new cleaned atomizer and said "I’m going to wrap the best darn coils as I can in this puppy and get her ready to go." So I proceeded to grab 4 of the 6 screws out of the bag and tried….. mightily…. to screw them into the negative and positive posts. That wasn’t gonna happen. Two of the screws would not screw in…..At all. So, lucky for me, the two remaining screws in my bag did. No more extra parts for me. So after much trial and delay, I put in my nice 24 gauge dual center coils and wicked up….

Well I wet my whistle (pun intended, you’ll see what I mean in a second) and put on my drip tip and was ready to escape to vaping nirvana, only to notice yet one more flaw in the machining process. The 5 air holes all have burrs on them that can be seen below.

So, alright at this point, I’m kind of disappointed in the machining. No, I’m officially disappointed. But alas, I shall <a href="”>vape the greatest <a href="”>vape of all time!!! Right?

Well, I’m actually sad to say that yes, it’s really really good. Flavor is absolutely ridiculous, better than my Magma, maybe even as good as my Orchid. But will it leak like the original? Will it make my pants a mess if I have more than 2 drops in it?? I am pleased to say that no, it doesn’t. As you can see in the photo below, they’ve cut the negative post holes at an angle which helps to prevent the <a href="”>juice from wicking out the sides. But it’s no magma, so don’t go loading it up with 30 drips and expect it to not leak. It will. But it’s much better.

One thing you will notice with this atty is that however they’ve designed it, they’ve gotten something so right with the airflow. It’s not like a stillaire wide open, it’s just as airy, but it’s more "right". Its like all the air is coming from the entire atty, not just the two slots on the side. That being said, I figured I’d crank her up to 80 watts and see if she could chuck the clouds like the last plume veil. Well, my friends she can. I have been vaping for nearly 5 years full time at this point. And I can say without a doubt, this puppy can chuck em. I own several RDAs and none can do it like this. Even a stillaire with a chuff top can’t. Again, the plume veil is just more right. But wait…… Could it be,….. Yep, one final disappointment. When the cyclops are open full blown, it whistles. Not a little, but a lot! I mean referee whistle. Check it out!!


So in conclusion….
If you want an atty that has the following features:
1.Whistles like a song bird
2. Poor Machining
3. Arrives filthy
4. Has no certificate of authenticity and comes in packaging that would make Tobecco ashamed.
5. Has an astoundingly high price tag of 115
6. Has a 3 month waiting list.
7. Blows clouds packed with flavor.

Well, then if you want those things, the Plume Veil v1.5 by Aethertech USA is for you.

But if you want just #7 from the list below and nice packaging and a price tag of 20 bucks, well then go buy a clone.

And I think it’s worth mentioning that the company (if that is what you can call it) Aethertech should be ashamed of themselves. It’s because of companies like them that people buy from clone companies. There are plenty of US manufacturers that make high end RDA’s but unfortunately people would buy a product like this one and pay fill price then wonder what the heck they were thinking and never buy an authentic piece again. I don’t own a ton of authentic pieces, but when I buy one I expect quality. And that is not what I got here.
What a disappointment. Shame on you Aethertech. Now I’m gonna go back and <a href="”>vape quietly as my wife is sleeping.
….. Wait…. I can’t because my damn RDA is waking up the neighborhood and I’m pretty sure my neighbors think my cats are in heat.

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21 days away…

Hello everybody, been a long time lurker. In just 21 more days my husband and myself will hit our 1 yr smoke free anniversary! It has been crazy easy to just stop smoking, I can still not believe we just did it. I am 53 and smoked everyday since the age of 13. I smoked my last stinky on the parking lot of the <a href="”>vapor store on Nov. 22, 2013. Still have a pack with 7 cigs in it from that day. Started on KR808 cig-a-likes and quickly moved on to ego‘s and vision spinners then z-max’s then mvp2 and then a couple of mech mods, and then dna 30 clouper (Hana clones) and now an I stick/ nautilus combo….wwwhhheeewwww!! We started at 18mg nic, husband is and has been on 0nic since July and I am down to 6mg. I have tried <a href="”>diy e-<a href="”>juice and have taken a few stabs at crazy coil builds. These days I am most happy with simplicity….1.3 – 1-8 ohm simple single coil builds on our Magma Rba with good quality store bought e-<a href="”>juice. Well thats my story (leaving out the toppers we have tried) and I’m sticking to it. Almost everything was learned reading this forum…. So thanks to everyone on here for the answers I needed when I needed them, even when I did’t ask the question….lol Looking forward to maybe helping someone else along the way……

Trying to help better half quit smoking…

Ok, so my FiancĂ© is vaping but still smokes in the morning and at night. Her setup just isn’t working for her. She is running an older ego (non twist or VV) and disposable clearo’s (single coil).

I am still running my trusty MVP2 (getting ready to upgrade to a mech drip) she thinks it’s better but doesn’t like the size. She wants to quit smoking but is having a tough time. I suggested finding a good tobacco flavor and several other good ones and run s decent dual coil clearo. She really needs a long lasting battery with at least VV. Nothing too bulky though.

I thought I would run all this by you guys because you all are the subject matter experts.

Thanks so much!!!


Trouble finding where to buy parts for an RDA we want to buy


We are going to jump in to a RDA but the one we want does not come with a drip tip. How do we know the one we order will fit it? The place we are ordering from does not have them. The RDA comes with the base, a tube that surrounds it and the top. I guess until we get that sorted out we could just draw on the top with no tip. :ohmy:

I have searched for the product by name in the Google (not actually using Google but you know) and none of the answers show drip tips. The reviews I saw said the parts of a Tobh RDA are interchangeable but I am having a hard time finding a store that carries the accessories. I saw Mad<a href="”>vapes but nothing to let me know if the Drip Tips they carry would fit. I hate to buy when I don’t know and then have to mess with returning stuff, or eating it.

Guess we should pick up some wire and cotton (or whatever) while we are at it. We were hoping to be able to build coils that will <a href="”>vape at 2 ohms. Should we start with 28 gauge wire? and organic cotton?

White Stone

Battery Question

Not directly REO related, but I know I can get a good answer here.

I have 2 batteries that I can’t get a clear amp rating on.

One is a purple Samsung ICR18650-22A, with an additional line that says 2C13. Is this a 2 C rated battery at 2200 mAh?
What is the max amp rating of this battery?

The other is a green NCR18650B Li-Ion MH12210. Not sure about manufacturer as there is no name on it. I believe this is a protected lion battery and I think I found information to indicate its only rated for 6.8 amps. Can someone confirm this? Obviously if it is, I’ll be taking it out of my sons rotation on his mechanical.

Aspire BDC?

Hey guys,

I am new to this game so I was wondering.

If I buy the Aspire ET-S BVC Glass Clearomizer, would I need to buy anything else besides the e-<a href="”>juice?

If so, what and how much will it cost me?

I want to buy something not too expensive I guess ill go cheap on this and say that my max is in the CAD$15 – $20 mark.

Also does anyone know good websites where I can get a "free" sample? Most websites I tried Googling but they usually don’t ship to Canada or the shipping is ridicules.
Thanks for your time and help!