sigelei 100w in-depth review!

Hello ECF im here to give a review of a new product i just received — The Sigelei 100w box mod.

To start things off, this is my first box mod. I was lured in by the dual 18650 and 100 watts of power, as well as the sleekness of the box compared to other gaudy box mods. Ive been a heavy mech user for the past year.

I recieved the v2 (latest version) of the sigelei 100w. Mine was free of any branding other than a serial # on the bottom.

Here is a pic :

Battery Life —

This is the strongest point in my opinion that the sigelei has going for it. I am using VTC5’s in mine and I have been vaping the sigelei since 12:00pm this afternoon until now 8:45pm at night and I still have 55% battery life. This is with constant usage at 50watts.

The bad thing however is that the battery bar on the UI is pretty stupid. The actual bar will actually really only let you <a href="”>vape down to ~15%. It will still let you <a href="”>vape, however the wattage needs to come down to like 15w for it to fire, and if it does it will only fire for about 1-5 seconds depending on what wattage setting your using.

So the real range of the battery bar is 100% to ~15%, you wont get much of anything out of it below 15%.

When I took my batteries out and put them on the charger when I hit 15%, my batteries read 3.3 volts on the dot. I suppose it is a good thing that it wont let you <a href="”>vape that last 15% otherwise your batteries might be getting into danger zone under 3.0v. It still would have been nice for yihi or sigelei to adjust the range of the battery meter so that we get a true 100% to 0% reading.

From what I noticed as well, both batteries drain at the same rate while inside the sigelei. Everytime i take them out and put them into my xtar vp2, both batteries read the same if not .01 difference.

Screen / UI —

People were saying how dumb and cheap the screen looked. But i beg to differ. Its a no bells and whistles type of deal. Its extremely minimalistic and I love that about it. It gives you your wattage, voltage, battery life, and coil resistance.

As far as its accuracy, i would say its not very accurate. The battery meter as mentioned above is the huge one. The other one is resistance. The resistance meter will always read 0.1 lower than what my actual coil is at. It could be because it only gives digits to the tenths and not hundredths. So maybe it rounds down or.. up?

The wattage and voltage accuracy I have not measured yet but I will soon when I stop being lazy. I will report back with my findings.

Build Quality —

This is another place where the sigelei shines. Everything is manufactured so perfectly. There are no burrs, no scratches, no marks on any part of the box. Nothing shakes or rattles when you shake it or move it around. It really is exceptional and surprising that something of this quality was manufactured in China.

The button is awesome, except for one thing. Depending on the angle that i press it at, when I release it, sometimes I am met with a high pitch noise from the button. It doesnt really annoy me but I hope it goes away as I use the button more and break it in.
I didn’t care much about USB charging so when they announced that it was not going to have a USB charging function, I did not care much.

Form Factor / Livability —

I was a bit scared at first because I thought the box mod was going to be too big to pocket and take with me everywhere I go. Ive lived with it for the past 2 days and can honestly say that its really no different than carrying around a 18650 mech mod. Mainly due to the fact that I dont have to pocket extra 18650 batteries everywhere I go. I was carrying on me 4 18650’s a day. Because the Sigelei battery life is so long, I do not really need to take extra batteries with me if I am going somewhere for a few hours.

One thing that I do not like is the battery door holes. I wish that they gave you a battery door without any holes punched into it because of the already installed magnets which BTW are freakishly strong. I am going to try to find some rubber hole plugs or something to plug the holes up. Maybe just carbon fiber wrap the whole thing.

Another thing I dont like is the Screen timeout. If you press the fire button, the screen will stay on for 1 entire minute. I even used a stopwatch and its duration from on to sleep was exactly 60 seconds. Not sure how power hungry the screen is but hopefully it doesnt drain much power. I would guess not much because it is an OLED screen. Still an annoyance though. I would have much prefered to have it cut off after 10 seconds or something.

Its size to me is perfect, it holds comfortably in my hand to fire.

Power —

The main selling point of the Sigelei is the 100w output. I have not tested it but others have on youtube that the tube is really delivering 100w or 95w+ at least. I seriously do not know who wants to <a href="”>vape at 100w or more, because I almost cried and passed out after I took a 4 second drag @ 100w. I am vaping comfortably at 50w and that is seriously enough for me with my 0.4 ohm dual coil 24g with 3mg nicotine <a href="”>juice. To anyone that can <a href="”>vape 100+ watts, i applaud you lol, its no easy feat.

Final Words —

The Sigelei 100w box mod has seriously exceeded my expectations. It has few flaws, and many strengths. It basically has converted me into VW devices and ditching mechs. I already sold one of my mech mods today because the sigelei is so good. I purchased it for 99$ through ebay.

The one thing I want to mention is how well it holds its re-sell value. I know for mechs that if you buy an authentic mod, you will always be able to make at least 80% of your money back if its in good condition. Considering these VW / VV devices from china a new chip is being released what seems like every 3 months, I doubt anyone would want to buy any old technology.

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