Anybody ever do this?

I did a bad thing. I sat my ecig on the counter beside the kitchen sink……which had water in it….and you guessed it, knocked it in the water. I grabbed it right away but I guess it fried my new purple vision spinner 2 because now the light won’t light up at all. I put it on charge to see what it would do, it shows its fully charged, I take it back off of the charger and still won’t come on. It was only a week old. I am so upset with myself!

General Vaping Discussion • I notice the different with google

I notice the different with google, I don’t know if google is still a scam or not because a lot of people actually making money with google like earn google profit, google adsense etc… I am not sure what is going on with google. It is not scam anymore?

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Greetings Everybody. New Vapor Here

Hello everyone!! I just started vaping about 4 weeks ago. I was a 2 pack a day smoker. I had tried another type of ecig before this, and it just wasn’t cutting it for me, and I very shortly went back to smoking.

This is a whole new ball game, and I’m absolutely loving it! If someone had told me 4 weeks ago, that I would barely be smoking a cigarette after staring to <a href="”>vape, I would have laughed at them. I don’t even know why I still hit a cigarette every now and then because it always tastes nasty.

A co-worker friend of mine who comes on this forum turned me on to this place, and I’m here to learn! I’m enjoying it already.

Thanks for reading!!