sentinal m16 hot button

Hi i just recently bought a sentinal m16 mechanical mod and i bought a sony 18650 vtc4 but for some reason the button keeps getting hot i noticed the hot button as soon as i saw some of the plastic green coating peeling off of the battery and i want to know if its just the mod itself or the battery can someone please help

Another Vamo5? Or Kecig 200+, Smok Ace or Smok SID… I’m Confused

I have a Vamo 5. No problems, works very well. I want another VVVW and was debating the K200+ (3 button) or the Vamo5. Then I saw the Smok Ace and Smok SID.
I like the looks of the K200+. The other 3 all look alike. I like that the Vamo5 breaks down for a 18350. The other 3 don’t.
What is the diff between the Ace and the SID?
The Vamo5 is SS, the other 3 are anodized Aluminum.
My Vamo is great but I like a little variety. I’m afraid one of the others wont work as well as the Vamo.
Help!! Thank You

Ikonic Vapor Grand Opening Tomorrow!

Hi, I am an employee at Ikonic <a href="”>vapor and we are proud to announce our second store, opening in Northport tomorrow! This is a list of what we will be giving away:

25 Ikonic Lanyards and T-shirts

25+ Starter kits if you’re looking to "Kick Ash.

100+ bottles of Thunderhead Eliquid in multiple flavors

2x 100ml bottles of Cyber Eliquid. Also, so some Cyber t-shirts and stickers.

2x 100ml bottles of Alien Piss by BombSauce


Also, We will have a cloud competition at 12:30 and 6:30. Rules for the cloud comp:





Too much to ask for

Been in the market for a new rebuildable tank. I have a kayfun nano with a quart kit. Loved it before I got the quartz kit because now it holds way less and <a href="”>vapor locks a lot with the quartz kit. It was better with the original plastic tubes but they would crack and deteriate with my <a href="”>juices and work. Climb towers my <a href="”>vape tools are constantly getting beat up getting thrown into harness pouches bags etc. I picked up a orchid v2 clone the other day and really like it way more than the kayfun nano except it burns through <a href="”>juice. And still has a polycarbonate tank. I have a few drippers that I love,tobh,Vulcan,trident but a tank makes work life easy. My question is in the quest for a rebuildable tank I am looking for something sturdy, glass/Pyrex/quartz/non plastic tank, prefer single coil but don’t mind dual coil, less power less <a href="”>juice, lots of airflow, massive lung hits, lots o flavor. I looked ate the fogger and krakens and just don’t like them. Sorry don’t suggest them. Is that too much to ask for or have I just not found what I’m looking for.

Cana Modz usb not charging

So I got a cana modz or whatever you call it. A black dna 30 mod as I’d call it. But anyway, I’m pretty sure I broke my usb part to charge the mod, ever since I got it it’s all I use. I really like it but one of the perks was being able to charge it in my car or wherever I had a droid phone charger. Now the usb part isn’t working, I can still take out the battery but that makes the mod a lot less sexy.

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem? Or if anyone knows if the piece can be replaced or fixed and how hard/easy is it to replace the piece and where to get the female part to the usb port to place inside the box.

Bombies ‘nana cream

One of the first <a href="”>juices I ordered when I started vaping a couple of months ago was Bombies ‘nana cream. It was/is highly regarded so I figured it was a safe bet. I <a href="”>vaped about 20ml of it through some crappy EVOD type clearos which came with my starter kit. It wasn’t bad, per se, it just didn’t have any flavor. Like none. I put the bottle in the <a href="”>juice cabinet and forgot about it.

Fast forward to today. I’m now using a DNA30 box at 23W with an Eleaf Lemo RTA running a 1.2ohm coil. The Lemo delivers superb flavor; miles beyond the crappy clearos I started with and markedly better than the Nautilus mini I used on my MVP. I figured I’d get the Bombies back out and see if two months of steeping and the new hardware would bring out some flavor. Cleaned out the Lemo, changed the rayon, and filled ‘er up with ‘nana cream. Verdict? I sort of taste it now but it is very, very muted. I <a href="”>vape lots of high VG liquids with good flavor so I’m not thinking it’s a PG/VG ratio problem. It smells totally righteous though and makes stupid amounts of <a href="”>vapor.

So, after taking the long way around to the question: does anyone get strong flavor from this stuff? Just wondering if it’s muted by nature or if I got a wonky batch.

Bionic Vapor – GIVEAWAY #4 Choose from 3 prizes/3 Winners

Good evening folks! It’s been a while since we ran our three daily giveaways, so I figured it was time to start doing a few more giveaways like the old times (old times meaning 4 months ago :D) Everything has grown so much faster than I expected, and for that I can’t thank each and every one of you enough. So these little giveaways are just a very small way of saying "Thank you for being part of the Bionic minion family!". 🙂

As usual, the giveaway is fairly simple; post. That’s it, just post. Create interesting conversations, chat, ask me questions, post funny pics, ask others about which flavors they prefer and why, whatever comes to mind! There are only two things worth mentioning so the contest stays "clean";
1. Spamming posts will *not* increase your chances of winning.
2. Posting just once and leaving/forgetting about it *will* decrease your chances of winning (be talkative, chat with us!)

The prizes you can choose from are:
-4 15ML bottles;
-2 30ML bottles;
-1 60ML bottle;
of the flavor, PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength of your choosing.

This way, the contest caters to both those that have not tried our line and those who already have, allowing you to try as many as four of our flavors, or stocking up on your favorite.

So let the giveaway begin! It will end on Monday, 11:59 P.M EST. Good luck everyone! 🙂 :toast:

NT still rocking

I got my new order today, ordered on the 23rd. 3 days, that is one hell of a turn around. Now into the cabinet to steep. Will enjoy the Zotz candy that was thrown in the order in the mean time.

So as much as I want to <a href="”>vape it I’m not. Instead every 5 days I will take bring them out for a photo shoot and then back in the box they go. I really just want to see how much the color changes as time passes. I know as <a href="”>juice ages it mostly becomes darker in color but I would really like to see how drastic of a change and how fast. Hopefully I can hold of temptation long enough to see a good change.