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Just picked up my Vamo V5

Hey guys, I just picked up this Vamo V5 from my local <a href="”>vape shop and had some concerns. When I was about to purchase the kit, the manager walked over and said that they’re gonna be giving me this TrustFire charger for free since the one that came in the kit caught her house on fire.. Are these batterys safe to stack or just use in general? I picked up a IMR 18650 2000 mAh just in case. Here’s a link to the batterys I think I received. The 18650 is made by a company called QIXU. I really can’t find any information on these. Anyone pick this kit up before? Is it safe lol?



Vaping in the movies.

Well I was watching Neighbors last night, funniest thing I have seen in soooo long. Well Zach Efron is in it and there is a scene where he is vaping outta a ego and a ce4 type of tank. It looked like a actual decent set up which surprised me. Idk just made me laugh to see it in a movie. Idk but I bet its in others also.

SMOKtech BEC Pro Variable 50Watt Stainless w/ Bluetooth for Android/iOS

SMOKtech BEC Pro Variable Stainless w/ Bluetooth for Android/iOS

Price after Newsletter VIP Discount is $99.70!

Introducing the latest version of the SMOKtech BEC PRO 18650 Bluetooth mod – its variable wattage now going to 50W. One of the biggest advantages of the BEC Pro is its Bluetooth function. With this function, from their phone or tablet, users can easily operate all the settings and monitor the working status – very intelligent and intuitive.


  • 141.8mm tall x 24.6mm wide
  • Stainless steel
  • Bluetooth communication with Android 4.3+ and iOS 6.0+
  • Adjustable voltage: 4V-12V
  • Adjust wattage: 6W-50W in .1 increments
  • This also has a MECH mode which fires off your remaining battery voltage
  • MIN resistance: 0.3ohm – this is advertised by SMOK but we do not recommend going to very low sub-ohms, it can be dangerous and vaping sub-ohmage on this device voids the warranty with us!

This unit is ego threaded and you have two different deco sleeves, one is for when you are using an ego carto or tank and one is a platform for tanks with air grooves. Also provided is a thorough easy to read manual on how to operate.

Brief Operation Guide:

  • Power on – Fast press the power button five times in a row within two seconds, the screen shows “SMOK” and “Welcome!” means the mod has been turned on.
  • Press the button three times in two seconds, the screen will display menu 1 to 7:

-Choose menu 1, the screen displays”1. B”, two seconds later, you can choose Bluetooth “ON” or “OFF”
-Choose menu 2, the screen displays ”2. V+/ 2.W+”, two seconds later, you can add the voltage or wattage circularly. The voltage circles from 4V to 12V, wattage circles from 6W to 50W.
-Choose menu 3, the screen displays” 3. V-/3.W-”, two seconds later, you can reduce the voltage or wattage.
-Choose menu 4, the screen displays”4. i”, two seconds later, you can choose information that is displayed such as battery voltage, atomizer resistance, output voltage/wattage and temperature, the corresponding displays are “BATTERY”/”OHM”/”OUTPUT”/”TEMP”.
-Choose menu 5, the screen displays three horizontal lines, two seconds later; you can switch among “WATTS modE”, “VOLTS modE” and “MECH modE”
-Choose menu 6, the screen displays a lock sign, two seconds later, you can choose “LOCK” or “UNLOCK”
-Choose menu 7, the screen displays a power sign; two seconds later, you can choose “POWER OFF” or “CANCEL”

Functions of the mod:
– 12 seconds cut-off: This mod will automatically shut down when taking a puff for longer than 12s.
-Low battery protection: When the battery’s voltage is lower than 3.4V by using one 18650 battery, the mod will stop output and the screen will show “Low Battery” to remind the user to recharge.
-Low resistance protection: When the atomizer resistance is lower than 0.3ohm, the screen will show “Low R”, the BEC Pro can’t be used at any mode.
– Energy saving: when the mod is not used for more than 10 minutes, the Bluetooth function will enter “sleep mode” to save energy. Users need to reconnect before another operates at the cell phone.

The BEC Pro is Bluetooth ready – When enabled, the device’s options can be changed with your smartphone via an app available on the Apple App store and Google Play for Android. The app will also collect data about your vaping habits, allowing you to see various statistics such as average puff time and number of puffs per day. The main screen on the app displays a puff counter, voltage, wattage and resistance of your coil all on one page. In addition as you are hitting the power button to <a href="”>vape you will see real time data including how long your current puff is. The bottom right displays a battery life indicator for the battery in the BEC. Changing to the adjustment screen (Bottom left button on the main screen allows you to easily change between modes in addition to adjusting your voltage or power output. The BEC Pro is a full-featured, high-wattage, high-voltage tube mod with an easy-to-use menu and Bluetooth support.

Search for Smart BEC in the app store for Apple and Android phones.

Caution: We recommend only using batteries with a Continuous Discharge Rate of 20A or higher!

<a href="<a href="”>″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>SMOKtech BEC Pro Variable Stainless w/ Bluetooth for Android/iOS [gv-SMOKBECProBluetoothVariable50] – $104.95 : Got<a href="”>, E-cigarette Supplies – Atomizers Cartomizers mods <a href="”>juice and more