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Ok just switched to a dripper and a kayfun and found that i am allergic to some e-<a href="”>juice. Does any one know if there are any e-<a href="”>juice manufactures that are only using ingredients from the USA? I think I’m allergic to some <a href="”>juice from over seas. Also if they make it in 3 percent?

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runarnd wrote:
I still lurk myself – but it just hasn’t felt the same over here, so I’ve been quiet. I can at least take this time to say HEEEEY and hope everyone has been doing well :D

Say Hi more often. Hows the <a href="”>vape empire going for you anyway?

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new way to bend the legs for centered coils

building centered coils has been driving me nuts until now. trying to use even my smallest needle nose pliers getting the bend right where I wanted it at just the right angle agrivated the crap out of me.

So after building a coil I put the leg inside a blunt tip needle, slid it back to where I wanted the bend and voila perfect 90 right where I wanted it going exactly the direction I wanted. I like purdy coils.:)