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pretty cool to see the family so into <a href="”>diying :P

Vaping my suddenly no longer slightly bitter Sweet potato custard mix..
i remembered i forgot to take cap off bottle to let it breath for an hour before vaping it the first time!!

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right hand: fuchsia stylus pen
left hand: fuchsia eleaf istick with eshot phoenix RDA

and no uncle i did not buy the stylus to match my purplish mod and since you know all you already know i did not buy the mod to match the stylus lol

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

just waiting on a few vials of Yam flavoring and a couple Vanilla bean ones.. they are for my kinda newly <a href="”>diy ADV that has cured me of my 3+ months big willie’s custard addiction!! thank goodness cause that <a href="”>juice was eating up my vaping spending allowance..

UncleRJ wrote:
I totally get what you are saying.

Me, I have an IPV V2 on the way and while I like the whole "Macho" thing about having a 50 watt mod, chances are I will never go above 20 watts.

I just don’t like the mod making my decisions for me!

My eVic is supposed to go up to 15 watts but it knows better than I do what I want.

And I hate that!

By the way, I have also received a Dovpo E-MECH 30 watt mod.

And I am digging the hell out of it!

Most likely the best constructed mod ever. Holds two 18650s, <a href="”>vapes like a dream and gives you the time and date as well.

Laugh if you will but nice to pull it out of your pocket and check the time!

And the built in flashlight is useful as well. Recently I was in a rent a car, dropped the sucker and my delrun swivel drip tip had the top swivel section break off.

The drip tip was black and so was the carpeting and upholstery. Using the flashlight function I found the nook the missing piece was in and put it back on.

And if I want to set it to 30 watts, I can set it to 30 watts without any backtalk!

i forgot about that Emech, it sounds pretty cool.. its funny how the flashlight feature actually does come in handy, i recall some making fun of it lol

i don’t mind my watts being limited some based on what ohms i am using too much, its a safety thing if i recall correctly.. As long as i can lower or raise the initial setting it chooses to my liking but, within the safety zone its not too bad.. I tried out the 18.9w i could only go up to yesterday and afterwards wondered how the heck do ya’ll <a href="”>vape so high!! i guess my lungs are clear after years of vaping cause i could not handle it..would of been great though my first year when only high voltage kept me happy!!

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UncleRJ wrote:
Miss Sylvie.

So very sorry to hear about your abject misery at the dentist office!

Hate to say this, but seeing as I have always been a water junkie and I see my dentist every three months, since I have started vaping, my dentist is very pleased.

Gums better, no stains on teeth except for coffee and all is well.

So please drink more. Well worth going to the bathroom a lot!

lol i hate water even more after that ultrasonic water cleaning nightmare :mrgreen:
but, i found a drink mix flavor to add to filtered water that i can tolerate so i am forcing myself to drink more water and less coffee with loads of sugar in it..

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: the place sure has changed…

Charles Hallman wrote:
Charles Hallman wrote:
Sylvie wrote:and it looks like i am not the only one that had to take time off, that yeah turned into the whole summer or rather an eternity for me i know..

well i hope everyone that went MIA too, or still lurking here, is doing okay and keeping up with their vaping and themselves.. Sad to see our once happy family vaping home got abandon by me and others but, i guess that happens to the best of places eventually..

Hi Sylvie , It’s nice to hear from you ! I hope you had a great summer !!!

Wow Sorry to hear all the pain you had to endure . Glad you’re back and hopefully feeling better ! At least you know what to do now ! Drink Drink Drink ! You are right things at our forum do seem different . If I may give you my take on the subject , I still love this Forum and all the members as I could be wrong but I think you do too ! IMO this is an excellent Group kind of like my second family . Now please don’t take me wrong as I would never direct any negative vibes towards you . I have browsed a couple other forums and some seem very Cold if you will compared to ours ! It is people like you that have always made me feel welcome / at home here! I’m glad you are feeling better !!!

aww thank you charles **hugs**
glad you felt part of the family too 🙂
maybe one day, it will be a happy busy one again..

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