New to vaping and to the site

Just dropping in to say hi to all. I’m only about a couple month old user of the vaping experience. My first kit and the one I’m currently still using is the Halo Triton. It broke me of analogs within 2 days. I can say proudly that I haven’t puffed a real cig in nearly 2 months. I haven’t done much other than pick up extra coils and tried several <a href="”>juices. But I have done several rewicks to old coils. Just recently I’m experimenting with ReadyxWick. More on that later.

How to do it? Got HC flavour and unflavoured juice

I bought 30ml 75/25 50/50 and 100% PG <a href="”>juice all 6mg
Also bought Menthol and mint flavours

So for 10ml of 6mg <a href="”>juice, how many drops or ml of flavour?

Should I leave it to steep?

I will buy some small glass bottles and a large gauge syringe

wanted to get into this as I like strong flavour

My first Mech Mod

I have been vaping for just over a year, and have tried several of the ego type units and never really liked them. Last weekend a friend introduced me to an AVP Mech and I loved it, way smoother and way better taste. I have actually been using this regularly and havent smoked since I got it. I would be interested in some feedback on builds and experience from others. I picked up a Stingray clone (HiCigar) 2piece with a 454 big block, and so far have been really liking it. I do have some questions about cotton (or other wicking material) and how long my actual coils should last. Im currently using 6mg standard oil from a local shop called Monster <a href="”>vape. Mostly because it is tobacco flavored and it feels natural enough to me to replace my smoking habit. Any info would be appreciated.

Going Tank crazy! Help!

Hello everyone. About a week ago I bought a starter kit and have been cigarette free since. I’ve been doing my best to research what tanks will work the best with my ego-c 900mah fixed voltage battery. I’ve been reading that the kanger mini protank 2 would work but i’d like to know that I have other choices. Here are some of the tanks I’ve been checking out. Will any of these other tanks work with my particular battery:

Kanger ProTank 3 – 510
Kanger Aerotank – 510
Kanger Mini GeniTank – 510
Kanger GeniTank Mega – 510
Aspire Nautilus 5ML Tank w/ Adjustable Airflow System – 510

Will these tanks diminish my 900mah’s battery life a lot quicker or does that all go based upon the OHMs?

If you’ve got other suggestions for tanks, please let me know!

Also, list any advantages, disadvantages, or pros/cons you’ve had with them, please.

First Box Mod (Getting Starting Building)

I’ve been reading a lot on what all I will need to build a dual 26650 mechanical box mod (parallel) and have purchased these parts so far….

Hammond 1590BBK Box
Fat Daddy <a href="”>vapes – Spring Loaded 510 With 22mm Washer

I’m no where near finished obviously…. I need to find a high amp momentary switch unless I do the Mosfet wiring I guess…. still not 100% on this all which is why I am not ready to build just getting the parts I know I will need. But I will be picking up some 14g copper wire, and still not sure what to use for the springs I would like copper but think that will only work if I build my own. Any help would be awesome and if anyone has any stand out threads for first timers that would be nice. I’ve done a lot of searching but haven’t come up with much…. also wanted to put a led voltmeter on it so I could have an idea of what voltage I was running to be safe as possible. The <a href="”>vapetribe box mod is what I was after unless someone sees a problem I haven’t found out about…

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: the place sure has changed…

Sylvie wrote:
and it looks like i am not the only one that had to take time off, that yeah turned into the whole summer or rather an eternity for me i know..

well i hope everyone that went MIA too, or still lurking here, is doing okay and keeping up with their vaping and themselves.. Sad to see our once happy family vaping home got abandon by me and others but, i guess that happens to the best of places eventually..

"if you want me, just whistle. you know how to whistle dont you? just put your lips together and blow"

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new to vaping what should i get!

hello everybody i have recently started vaping (10$ from 711) and want to get something that will better suit me. i like to blow big clouds and do smoke tricks but there are too many choices for me to pick from what do you guys think the best ecig for 40$ is? can i pick out individual parts or do i need certain ones again i’m new to all this so any help is appreciated! thanks:)

New to forum…not to Vaping.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I have been currently vaping for about a month now (2nd attempt after a year break:facepalm:) and would love to say that I have cut back from a pack of little cigars to about 2-3 smokes avg. after smoking analog for over 28 years. I am hoping to get back to where it was hard enough to smoke 1/4 of one at any given time. Happy Vaping to everyone!!!