The Nautilus Mini

Hey guys, I took your advice on the recent thread I made and upgraded to the Nautilus Mini on my Spinner. The question I have is that when I first got it, which was yesterday, it was absolutely amazing. I mean you could taste the flavor on your tongue and lips and now its become sub par. I first noticed it after I refilled my tank. I was able to have it cranked up to about 4.5 V and was getting huge clouds and amazing flavor. Now I have it set to about 4 V and its become really harsh on my throat with even less flavor. I’m not really quite sure if this is a common thing or not. I kept reading that it was supposed to get even better after you break it in. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks :]

Im new to vaping and i need help

I just bought a <a href="”>vape this is the link to it

<a href="<a href="”>vape-e-cig-650.html” title=”External link” rel=”nofollow external”><a href="”>vape-e-cig-650.html

Im hopeing you guys can tell me everything about it if you could. Some people say i cant really clean the tank but it is possible. I want to know how to take care of it because i feel like if i do it myself i might break it and i dumped 30 dollars on it and it hasnt been a week yet so yeah. Thanks in advance.