I was using my Nautilus (5ml) on my Provari.  :clap: :yes    It has a 1.8 ohm coil in it and registered on the Provari as 1.8-9, vaping at 3.9V. I switched the Nauti to my MVP2 when I needed to charge the battery in the Provari and on the MVP it registered 2.4 ohm vaping at the same volts! :ermm:  That has me a bit confused. (Of course, it doesn’t take much to confuse me!) Can one of you more enlightened souls try to explain this to a rather confused “old” lady???????

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From many days I was not feeling well whenever I smoke I feel that my body is shaking and whole body pains. I really feeling that there is no energy in my body. I want to quit smoking It is very badly effecting to my body please tell some advice to quit smoking or getting out from this problem.

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Think I’ve found my sweet spot.

Well, its been several months. I cant even remember when I switched to vaping (I know it hasnt been that long, and Im fairly certain I have a sig that shows it, but the tapatalk app doesnt show it haha). But I think ive found my spot to sit at. Ive tried dripping and mech mods, and while ive had amazing <a href="”>vapes from them, the extra effort is more of an annoyance to me to be a payoff for now.

What I DO love are regulated mods and my russian. While I have 2 dna’s (one clone, one original) I still dont even come close to using them to their full potential. Thats fine, im sure ill develop into the higher wattages. For now ill stick to 1.2 ohm builds and 14-15 watts.

I’ve been thinking what tp try next.. ive been eyeballing a REO, since maybe it will eliminate some of my annoyances with mech mods. Plus they look friggen epic. Also been eyeballing the rDNA to match up with the original vs I have (which is having its bat replaced… turns out a 8 foot drop os not so good for it lol). And finally I’m brainstorming ideas for what to get to compliment the Russian. The fogger looks like a good idea, but theres been so many good tanks out there im hesitant. Im looking at you, there, elkronigin. :D

And now that ive rambled long enough, id like some input from all of you fine folks. Money is tight for me, so I cant go head first into a lot of different toys just yet.

Thanks Vapor Talk

I just want to give a shout out to <a href="”>vapor Talk in general, and Christopher in particular.   You see I wanted to order the E Pipe from the <a href="”>vapor Talk store, and when I went to finalize the order, it seems my country, Malaysia, wasn’t an option.  I messaged <a href="”>vapor Talk to ask how I could have it delivered and Christopher responded with remarkable speed and efficiency,  He said that he would add Malaysia to the shipping destinations and I think that in less than one day, there it was!   I ordered 2 and now they are in transit at some shipping station in New Jersey.  Thanks Christopher that was a really awesome response.  Cudos to you and <a href="”>vapor Talk. 


Just a note, that you make Malaysia shipping the same as USA with Name,  City,  State, and Postal Code.