Vaporfi Rebel

So I got a <a href="”>vaporfi Rebel a few days ago and i gotta say it’s pretty dope…mostly. The price tag was a little hefty for what comes with it I think but if your into the vv/vw type of thing then it’s good. It’s built like a house and feels like I could beat somebody with it. It came with batteries but I already had VTC5’s so I don’t have much to say about them, seem like nice quality but they are most likely rewraps… I don’t see them manufacturing their own batteries. It came with the Titan cartomizer tank which SUCKS. I think they were just trying to make it more appealing being a "kit" rather than just the Rebel. The one button menu was kind of a pain for the first few minutes I had it but didn’t take long to get used to it. I’ve used it with my Nautilus mini, <a href="”>vaporfi Platinum, Titan, and Kanger Aerotank mega on it. The Kanger with it is dope for flavor.

Anyone else have one? What do you think about it?

I Like a Tighter Draw…

I Like a Tighter Draw… probably because I smoked Carlton 100’s, which made you feel like you were sucking mashed potatoes through a straw just to get a good drag… LOL

Probably also one of the reasons I like the eRoll so much. It has a pretty tight draw.

However, while the eRoll is good for work/out-and-about, the constant refilling of tanks gets old. I really would love a 650 or 450 mah ego style battery with cartomizer or clearomizer. Problem is, the draw seems very loose in all that I’ve tried so far. I even got a cartomizer tonight that my local shop gave me for free to try out, but the draw still feels very loose (not sure the ohms on it).

What would you recommend for someone who wants a stiffer draw, keeping in mind I like a small setup. 450+cartomizer (XL) is about as perfect as I can think of when it comes to size.