stellar RDA whisteling noise??

just got a *stillare RDA and its great but after cleaning out the drip tip and everything except the base, it started whistling and its extremely annoying and i need help figuring out how to get it to stop. ive tried looking it up on youtube and google already and nothing came up except posts saying to make the airflow hole bigger but im pretty sure i dont need to do that. ive also put in a different drip tip and it still does the same whistling..

Picture of the first Woodvil that joined the family tonight.

Reo#4 came today, a Woodvil 18650 Jatoba. Set it up with an extra brass RM2, 2.1 ohm micro coil and KDG wick. Nice feel in the hand, well made but slow to get the coil up to speed even with a fully charged batt. Still like it alot, just need to get a different coil built for it tomorrow. The RM2 has the standard air hole… so I’ll also need to drill it larger for my long lung hits.

Brings up the question, what ohm range are folks running your 18650 Woodies at?

Also got the 2 brass doors bought from Rob for the Mini and LP Grand to try the patina thing when I get the stuff to do it with.

The required pic… a fast one only for now, I have playing to do. 😉

Provari P3

I got to try the new Provari P3 the other day. It seemed a little complicated, but it probably would not not take too long to get used to it. It <a href="”>vaped great, but what do you expect? I really like variable wattage, but there is no telling what that thing will cost. Maybe I’ll win the lottery.

I have issues

Every time I put my credit card down… I pick it up and use it.

Last 3 months, Ive spent probably 1000+ on e cig stuff.

I cant stop buyign.
I have well over 2 Litres of <a href="”>juice, and another half litre coming in.
I also have two new mech clones, 2 more rebuildable atomizers, sionce i got one last night,

geez… I dunno how to stop!
Especially with the <a href="”>juice. Its the damn sales… mixed with the feelings of some Vaping apocolypse and needing to stock up to be set for a little while.
and a lot of mty <a href="”>juice is even unusable since its 12 mg, and since the time i bought it, 12 became too much… (especially for dripping)

Its like AHHHHH

How can I stop

Especially with the <a href="”>juices…….

Does anyone elses wallet \feel the hit?

I mean, I make enough to afford it, but barely. I feel like an addict, always perusing the net for new deals. …..

SMOK BEC PRO Bluetooth Mod 50 Watt

Smoktech just released the BEC PRO Bluetooth mod 50 Watt and I haven’t really been able to find any reviews of it yet. Though it seems somewhat gimmicky, the BEC PRO touts some impressive specs and shares some similar features with the Evic Supreme. The BEC PRO can be controlled/programmed via Bluetooth with your Android 4.3 plus/IOS 6 plus devices and can push up to 50 watts and/or 12 volts! It can be programmed to adjust its wattage or voltage in real time and has a mechanical mod mode as well. The Apps are already available for download at the Google Play store and the Apple store. I assume has all the safety features we’ve grown accustom to but I couldn’t find much about them anywhere.

Has anyone out there tried one yet? Usually, all the video reviewers (Phil, Grimm, Todd, VWT420, ETC) get their hands on these devices long before they reach us, the vaping public. There’s almost a media blackout on this one! There’s a couple of vague videos showing off the features of the BEC PRO but that’s about it. I took a shot in the dark this time and ordered it. If it does everything that Smoktech claims, $100 is money well spent. Believe me, I’ve ordered plenty of <a href="”>vape gear that was a complete and utter waste for a lot more money!

If you want to check out the specs, I’ve included a link to Smoktech’s site. If someone else has already posted something similar, I apologize in advance for stepping on any toes!

SMOK BEC PRO Bluetooth mod 50W

Copper Vein Reo Polishing an ecig mod question to fellow vapers

When I first got the Copper Vein Reo the whole thing was shinny. <a href="http://www.ecig<a href="”><a href="”>vape.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Click here to see a lytro pics of it. The inside is still shinny but the outside is not 🙁 I used an electric tooth brush and tooth paste on the mod for over a hour. It barely effected it. Any suggestions on how to polish the Copper Vien Reo so it shines again?
<a href="http://www.ecig<a href="”>” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Click here to see a pic of the LP SL Reo Grand.

Vape royalty

I recently purchased a logo less copper manhattan clone from <a href="”>vape royalty and I have to say there customer service is terrible buyer beware they have a super sketchy return policy and supposedly they do a quality control check on there mods mine came in super dirty with scratches and huge burs and they had the nerve to stamp it with a QA stamp just thought everyone should know incase you were planning on buying one from them also I wrote a honest review about the mod on there site and they deleted it

Rendlan, and why I went to eCigs

So my first name is Ryan, I started smoking cigarettes almost 2 years ago in about 2 and a half months if I continued smoking I would’ve been for 2 years. What led me to smoke was a conflict with a girlfriend with a pregnancy scare, my father assaulted me, and my girlfriend wanted to smoke some pot with me. I decided tosmoke cigarettes as a stress relieve, my dad assaulted me, girlfriend ended up breaking up with me so I started smoking and using. My pot use led too more drugs and me doing 1-2 packs a day for about 9-13 months, I tried multiple ways to quit but never worked for me, then I thought how an ecig helped my best friend, so on my 18th birthday I was determined to quit, it took me 2 months to quit tobacco completely with the ecig, and now I’m at the point of cutting back on my ecig to stop completely. Now with every smoker when they quit there’s that ridiculous horrible cough, that cough persisted for a month and I was a cigarette every 2-3 days by then, then one morning I coughed up blood, I was now at the point of realising I need to be completely tobacco free, and so I did. I am now a week and a day free.

My original ecig setup;
Vision Spinner 2 black
KangerTech ProTank 3
All American e<a href="”>juice Energy Drink, and red bully

When I bought my tank I bought a 5 piece coil set, I broke the tank and bought a new one, I had coil issues like no tomorrow, tastes like burnt coils and burnt coils out in a day, and tried multiple coils with the shop manager, no avail. Then I offered return of my tank, coils, and 20$ for a aspire nautalis and free e<a href="”>juice, never could’ve been better.

Thanks for reading, sorry its a lil confusing I’m posting off of a phone which I thought was a smart phone, but I bought a dumb phone with Android capabilities. (Yes I came up with that myself)