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Valkyrie wrote:
http://beyond<a href="”><a href="”>vape-silo-tank-kit-p-1638.html

it is a nautilus clone, but a very good one
way better looking IMO
topcap is far superior to the exposed glass on the nautilus
better driptip designs (you get 2)
slightly larger air holes in the base (slightly better, and i do mean, slightly better air flow}
the coils that come with it are not original aspire, they are clones, but, original nautilus bvc’s fit wonderfully
this is a nice tank

Thanks Valkyrie : Did some research and chose this over the nautilus used your link ,They are waiting on a new shipment at present , however they took my order so I shouldn’t have any hold up once they receive their new batch from their supplier !!!

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>Charles Hallman — Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:10 pm

Charmed Vapors – International shipping?

Ok so I know we’ve talked about this in our main thread – <a href="!591539!<a href="”>vapors-ecf-treat-inside.html” target=”_blank”>…at-inside.html – a little bit, but we’ve been getting asked more and more about international shipping. That, for us, is a huge compliment and we would love nothing more than to do that.

Our concerns – customs. Literally that’s it. We’ve heard that US bases in other countries haven’t had many problems, but beyond that we’re unsure.

Our question – Could you guys help us out by giving your international success stories and fail stories? We really want to know the ratio for delivered/not delivered.

Obviously we’re hoping for more success stories because we really don’t want there to be ANY limitations to what we can offer.

Thank you so much and we really appreciate your stories!

Smok Caterpillar is (surprisingly) amazing!

Anybody else out there using the smok caterpillar?

I just picked one up and I’m a bit floored with how good it is. I’m pretty new to RDAs, but I prefer it over all my current ones – tobh, magma, omega. It’s super easy to build on, the airflow control is the best I’ve seen, and the flavor is great. I wasn’t expecting amazing flavor because it’s a little big and doesn’t have a domed top, but the flavor rocks – I prefer it even over the magma. The o-rings are perfect and the top part pops onto the base nice and snug but still easy. It’s not the prettiest thing, and the included drip tip is kinda meh, but neither of those bother me. The post holes are a little small, so I imagine using kanthal any bigger than 26 might be a little tough on dual coil, but I usually use 26 or 28, so I don’t see that being a problem. Currently rocking a .5 ohm dual coil, 5 3/16" wraps of 28 guage with cotton wicks, and it’s giving me delicious clouds.

For a $15 original (non clone) RDA, I couldn’t be happier 😀

Juice going sour?

So I bought a bottle of suicide bunnies ob about a month ago and tried it and it was ok, not really my speed but it was tasty and <a href="”>vapeable. I didn’t touch it again until today when I decided to put some in my kayfun n try it in a tank. I almost threw up at the fIrst taste of it. Can’t really describe the taste, unlike anything I ever tasted before and definitely not what I remember. It was sour and chemically. Anyone ever experienced anything like this after letting <a href="”>juice sit for a few weeks. I let my mt baker <a href="”>juice sit fOr two weeks so it develops flavor, and I have a bottle of wookie cookie that I bought the same time that i havnt touched until today that is fine.

<a href="”>juice sat for a while cuz nic level was too high for dripping, but I bought a kayfun about a week ago so figured 12mg would be ok for it. Tried the 12mg wookie cookie and flavor is better than when I bought it a month ago.

Anyone ever heard or experIence this? Could something in the <a href="”>juice have built up and letting It "breathe" help? I used a eye dropper to fill with that I bought new and washed good but could contaminate the <a href="”>juice throwing flavor off?

The <a href="”>juice was good but not a all day <a href="”>vape for me as creamy <a href="”>juices are like a desert for me but now it is un<a href="”>vapeable.