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MVS Butterscotch 50/50 , 12Mg.Nic This is the only vendor purchased Butterscotch flavor that I have found to be worthy of recognition . If any Vendor Members have Butterscotch that is A-1 / top shelf please let me know ! :!:

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Video Reviews Rant Enclosed

I’ll try to keep this PC as possible.

I try not to watch e-cig reviews. On occaision, I get sucked in and am convinced that this or that reviewer can sway me or educate me to some degree. Every single time, well almost, I am left wondering where the script and rehearsal were produced/performed.

Reviewers, please script your production. I am sick of seeing your attempt at cohesive thought processes to present your ideas and opinions. Most of the time, a minor detail is presented multiple times and as an afterthought major points of interest are touched-on after ADD has been overcome momentarily enough to throw that little tidbit in.

Your monologue should be rehearsed until such time as your presentation appears fluid and relaxed. Please don’t give us a junior high oral report using flash cards and unneccessary haver..

Give us a set! No one wants to hear your toddler screaming for his/her babah or your dogs tail wag past the horizon behind you or your significant other carrying your laundry basket upstairs as you sit on your 15 year old tweed sectional with matching Samurai sword collection from Fingerhut mounted next to the Matchbox 20 poster.

Give us a professional presentation or leave the broadcasts to Brian Williams.

Put a tie on. Your faded Old Navy t-shirt is best worn while barbecuing ribs.

Sincere thanks and dedicated follower to the first e-cig reviewer to accomplish these tasks! :toast:

Most every video regarding e-cigs that I’ve ever seen on Youtube has earned an E- on my report card. There are very few exceptions. If you review, please try to change this perception for the better. Thank you!


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