Altria Mark10 and so it begins

Got a free charger from Altria in the mail for the Mark 10 ecig.I have been getting Marlboro coupons for a long time so I am on their mailing list. Altria has been test marketing in Indiana and is getting ready to open up its market share. The Mark 10 is sold a disposable for around $10.00 that you can buy an optional charger and prefilled carto’s for. Haven’t seen the prices for those yet or tried it out either. It appears 510/306 carto’s and atties will fit the batteries judging by the fact a 510 charging extension fits into the charger. I didn’t check for continuity but it was a pretty good fit. Once “Big Tobacco” geared up I expect things to start getting interesting.Any body else ?

Protank 3 and Davide mini

I recieved both of these for christmas and I am wondering what kind of devices I could get to use with these to get the most out of them. Any suggestions? Also, I am wanting to get so liquids, I have just been buying locally at the store here just tobacco flavor. I am a little hesitant to branch out to fruity flavors, so sugesstions?

Removing flavor wicks problem

I have a question I probably could find but wanted to ask about anyway. Everyone that knows me here knows my woes with my favorite liquid supplier switching to an all VG base and it changing the flavor. First draw is heaven, second less tasteful, third burned. I have to let it sit for a while before I do not get a dry hit or take several non powered pulls to prime it before I heat the coil. Either way it was getting old so I tried what was suggested by a few people of removing flavor wicks from my KPT2 coils.


Here is my question. When I did this last night I was like HOLY CRAP this is awesome. All night long it wicked great, tasted like the liquid I used to love, everything worked fine. In comes the problem. This morning my tank had flooded to the point I couldn’t hit it. I blew it out holding it upside down and it would hit a few times then just flood again. Long story short, I did something wrong lol.


On the top of the coil when I remove the rubber cap there are two distinctly smaller wicks on top of a larger wick. I removed both of the smaller wicks and slid the cap back down. What did I do wrong? Should I only remove one? Did I miss a step or is this just the risk you take when you mess with these things?



General Vaping Discussion • Re: 2 years Smoke Free!!

tmillin wrote:
Thanks Sylvie :-) but really gonna try to not buy anymore besides after vaping for only 3 weeks I am starting to notice how awful reg cigs taste lol :-P

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lol well thats a good sign you will make your resolution for sure ;)
they really do taste awful, after finally ridding of them, i lit one up like a month later and it was horribleeeeee. put it out and never looked back since. whenever i get the urge nowadays, usually when hubby makes me grumpy, i just think of that day and happily <a href="”>vape away instead lol

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: what are u vaping right now?

vaping towes/acopolypse maharishi tobacco, its really come to life after aging a month..its now one of the less than a handful non NET tobacco e<a href="”>juices i have enjoyed very much in like four years.. great job towe :)

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Ehpro Kayfun Lite+ clone…

The aqua is definitely a work in progress. I’m on my 2nd build today. This one seems to be working better. It just gets super hot. First round was dual micro coils 28g with cotton at .8ohms. Flavor and <a href="”>vapor was meh. This time I’m at .4ohm 28g standard dual coils and it’s way better. Definitely needs a longer drip tip.

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