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chaps my hide when a site shows a pic representing something and you get something else completely…especially when you know what you want because the pic and description match , but , the end product you get is bogus….and not refundable to boot !! asshats like that need to be shown for what they are !!
so . yeah, i went with DV

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Charger not working?

So my vision Wolnt connect to my charger? When I try to twist it in it dosent twist in? It just keeps spinning and dosent connect, the other day I got it to connect and the light turned on and charged, but today when I tryed to do the same thing and it connected the charging light wouldn’t come on, the only way it charges now is if I push down on the charger and manually hold the charger pushing down into the battery for it to chargePosted Image

General Vaping Discussion • Re: davide tank w/ aspire head

I’d go with DV over GV these days for sure. Some of us here (at least me and Sylvie) have ordered stuff and what was received wasn’t what they pictured or described. Specifically the original Phoenix RDAs they sell….

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