Okay, I was under the impression from SOMEWHERE that atomizers were only for dripping. But hubby got the fogger, and he says THAT’S an atomizer, and he’s looking at a couple other rebuildable atomizers. He said they are (RBA’s) are basically just a rebuildable tank? Or am I not understanding, or is he explaining badly?

Could someone just break it down for me?

General Vaping Discussion • Re: fasttech "lazy" wicks?

The Aros (especially the Pyrex ones) are awesome; although I have already cracked one by dropping it about 5 feet onto concrete. It’s just a hairline crack and isn’t leaking yet. If mad<a href="”>vapes *ever* gets any back in stock (other than hot pink) I’m getting a dozen. :lol: :lol:

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General Vaping Discussion • Battery Time

Hey guys!!!

So I have a question.

I am going to get a new 18350 battery for my Provari mini. I currently use one that has 700 mAh. I am looking at one that is 900 mAh. is that going to be a problem with the mini? I dont want to have an explosive situation, if you know what I mean. :lol:

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i bought a pack of 5 3 ohm and a pack of 5 1.8 ohm thinking i could dual coil my fast tech trident and single coil with the 1.8’s not sure if they tasted like ass or not but they did have a unique flavor and the wicks could fall right out of the coil when removing one from the package to use…you want your coil making good contact with the wick not loose like the fast tech pre mades… i ended up just ordering some 30 gage kanthal and some 3 mm silica and a bag of sterile rolled absorbant cotton and made my own
between the trident and the smok aro’s and the pro tank II i may never get the itch to quit….its way too much fun

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Weird leaking/gurgling/flooding (?)

Okay, I’ve not noticed this with my other KPT’s, but I’ve noticed this two nights in a row on this one because I’ve been vaping my honey wood/turkish honey two evenings in a row when the tank level got low.  Both times, it started gurgling – to the point that <a href="”>juice splashed up through the <a href="”>vape tube on my lip, I unscrewed the tank, and there was <a href="”>juice in the drip well, and when I would blow down from the drip tip, holding the tank over a paper towel, <a href="”>juice would come out for a short time.  Don’t know what the deal is…..but when I fill the tank, the problems go away.  Anyone have any info/experience with this?


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If premades were cheap enough, and were guaranteed not to taste like poopie, I’d definitely be lazy, too. But I can get 100 feet of kanthal for about 6 bucks shipped and I have a great source for really good, clean tasting silica, so…. Every now and again when I’m really bored or just zoning out listening to music I’ll make up a boat-load of extra wicks for my Phoenix’; probably got 30 or 40 wick and coils laying around here waiting to see some action. Practice makes prefect…erm…. ;) :lol:

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but but but……why bother making your when its even more easier having someone else make ’em :D
i am lazy i guess, i still buy mine pre-made (from discount <a href="”>vapers) even though i have everything needed to make my own lol
actually now that i think back, i actually started buying pre-mades after fighting with a cat on more than one occasion!!

I think the ones i have gotten in all the RDAs and extra wicks from FT all indeed tasted like ??,
could be like what slap said but, i wouldn’t know since i have never actually tasted any asses before :mrgreen:

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