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I am ordering all 5 of my kids kits for Christmas. I have found some very reasonable kits but they only come with the charger that goes into the computer to charge so I am trying to get all of the them adapters to charge in the wall because some of them do not have computers. Is this the charger I need to order? Or something else?

EU Plug USB Charging Adapter – Black     $2.10


Thank yall for your guidance :)

If money was not an option

Hello everyone,


If money and availability were not an option what would be your device of choice? The reason I ask is because over the past 2-3 weeks I have been scouring the web for another device and would like to hear your opinions.


Thanks and have a great day.

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Hello Members!

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For anyone looking for a system similar to a cigarette, this is a great kit with everything you could ever need. It would even make a nice gift for a friend if you don’t really need one yourself.
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General Vaping Discussion • Re: I am looking for THROAT HIT !!!

I understand that. I realize its not smoke. And it’s never gonna duplicate smoking a cigarette. But I know some <a href="”>juice gives a harsher throat hit. Since I’m trying to make the transition, I feel the harsher throat hit will be helpful to a smoker. Obviously are throat and taste buds are shot. Lol :|

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: I am looking for THROAT HIT !!!

Agree with the Fuse Disagree with Protected batteries.. Sorry I misread the OP. I thought you where asking for more TH not less. If you are relatively new to vaping there is a bit of a transitional period to it. In most cases your body will adjust to it over time.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: YES!

I was just messing with ya…. But thanks for considering me a friend… I’m new here but you guys are really awesome.. Nice community here at Eca.

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