The protank, Evod, T3, gurgling and flooding solution idea thread.

Let me state this first. I do love the protank and evods so far. Don’t get me wrong, they are great. I was a vivi nova guy for a while but the constant dipping and twirling started to drive me nuts. So the Kanger bottom coil products have been great except for one thing, gurgling. Today I went from a warm environment, to a cold environment back to warm, and for the evod it was gurgle city. At the resteraunt I had to go to the bathroom to blow the excess <a href="”>juice out. I felt like a fool.

Now at home my protank of unflavored got low, a quarter of the <a href="”>juice was visible in the glass. It kept gurgling, even after I blown it out. I think the lack of pressure, like in a full tank, creates the flood. So I cut a piece of 1mm silica, added it to the top of the coil and it seems to have fixed it. It’s still wicking well. This is a stock head.

I can get the whole tank pressure thing with having a full tank but I don’t get why temperature change would cause it.

So my idea is adding more flavor wicks when there is excessive gurgling.

Have any of you guys tried anything else that may help?

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