Having trouble finding a sweet candy vape

the title pretty much says it all, I'd like to mention that I currently vape on a sigelei 150w with a mutation v4 mod, with standard micro coil 6 wraps and I've been doing it for about 2 years now.

My first vape ever was from the pinup vapors line, "Betty: which was fantastic! apart from gunking up coils.

Anyway I'm here because I'm stumped I've bought everything from cosmic fog to chalk dust and I can't seem to find anything that matches Betty's sweetness.

I'm a huge fan of candy flavors…

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Tank issues & questions

I've been having some issues with tanks lately. I kind of touched on all this on my introduction last week, but the problems persist. Started off with simple egoOne tanks, but moved on to a Sense Herakles Plus. The first coil was .5Ω and went wonderfully, no issues, incredible flavor. Replaced the coil with the exact same coil only to get terrible flavor, harsh/dry hits. Replaced the coil twice more, primed perfectly, same result. I even took the time to break-in the coils, slowly going up…

Tank issues & questions

TFV8 Baby Beast question

Hey everyone, I just placed an order for the TFV8 baby beast. This is my first subohm tank in a few years, I only use MTL tanks since I quit smoking back in 2012. I wanted something a bit different for when I'm sitting at home for a bit more flavor and more vapor production without needing to rebuild (went back and forth a couple days and decided I just like the ease of popping a new coil in whenever it goes bad)

Anyone have any experience on the Baby Beast tank and juice recommendations? I…

TFV8 Baby Beast question

Aspire Evo 75 starter kit setting questions

I am new to vaping, and after a lot of research have purchased the aspire evo 75 starter kit. I have watched a lot of "review" videos of the device and explanation of the custom settings. I understand the concepts of temperature control, watt control, etc… but what I don't know is do I need to set all these variables or are they isolated choices. Example, do I choose "watt" say 40 and that is it or do I also have to choose a corresponding temp control for that watt setting. The other thing…

Aspire Evo 75 starter kit setting questions

Kanger ceramic coil

So i bought one of these new ceramic coils and it leaks for some reason not so much but after i use it a lot or i dont vape at all it starts to gargel and leak a little bit. Also if i shake it some drops come out.
I checked if i didnt screw it in tight enough but i did and it still leaks a little bit,
CAn you guys tell me any way that i could fix the coil?

It’s not really a question…

Well after 100s and 100s of dollars spent on equipment. I have decided to drop vaping and go back my analogs. I have tried so many tanks, mods, juice flavors, and coils. None of them has made me happy. Kanger- Too much flooding and juice in my mouth Joyetech- mod died after three weeks Uwell- crown doesn't hold enough juice. It's just that everything I have tried has sucked. So I'm saying bye and welcoming back my Ultra Lights. Might die, but at least I will be f'n happy.

Regulated Mods/Accessories For First Time Build

I have been doing a lot of research on getting into vaping and I have a pretty good idea of the build I want to make, but I am unsure of how to make it happen. I am looking into a Pipesmith E-Pipe mod (www.pipesmithepipes.com), which seems to be an unregulated mechanical mod "built around and tested on the Efest 18500 flat top batteries." I plan to use the one mod for multiple set ups with different products, but it's in my understanding that I'll…

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