New to RDA, seeking advice


I'm new to RDA's and have had a fairly horrible experience so far. I've used a tank up till now and have had good flavor/experience, I just feel like I go through the coils quickly enough that I'd rather build.

I tried an RTA and could never get flavor out of it, so I moved to an RDA. I now have the Peerless RDA by geekvape.

I've had some very clean builds at a wide range of ohms, and even used a pre-built clapton (which I think was way too low in resistance). My current build…

New to RDA, seeking advice

Cheetah 2 by OBS spitting and popping

I just purchased the Cheetah 2 by OBS, using the prebuilt coils and cotton it came with, vaping with the Alien 220 by Smok. Everything seems to be working correctly except the excessive spitting and popping. I've tried reducing both wattage and airflow but still being mocked by the Kings juice by vapor In A Bottle which smells like Hawaii but so far tastes like magma… Any suggestions?

Help – Building A Flavorful Mod?

I desperately need help. I want to build the perfect mod that brings out the fullest of flavor.

I'm working with a budget of no more than $200. Could someone recommend me a full build? Including a box, the RDA/tank/etc, wire, and any other recommendations. Extra points if you add "why" you chose the parts you did. Remember, I want flavor.

I've purchased multiple boxes, I've tried tanks, dripping, different wicking material, you name it. I'm over $600 invested, and whenever a friend…

<a href="”>Help – Building A Flavorful mod?

Safe Coil Questions!

Hello guys and girls! I am extremely new so apologies in advance. If I say something completely incorrect, please let me know so I can correct it. Thanks :)

So I recently bought a t-priv kit (using the V8 big baby tank). It came with a pre-installed V8 Baby-Q2 that runs 0.4 ohms, and an extra V8 Baby-T8 that runs 0.15 ohms. I have been using the Temperature Control mode at 570 degrees Fahrenheit at 70 watts and it has been working very well.

I am soon going to need to change the coil out…

Safe Coil Questions!

Bypass mode confusion

Hello, so recently I got myself a Michael mod by Asvape, which comes with a bypass mode, which I'm curious to try.
My current setup is two LG HG2 18650s(3.7V, 3000Mah.) I'm running a Goon V1.5 with dual Alien v2 coils (.22 ohm)
I was wondering if the resistance would be too low for this setup, and if so, what would be an ideal build

Smok AL85 battery

Hello there,

I have a Smok AL85 that I've been having issues with, I purchased this mod before I read all of the bad reviews on this mod and I have since upgraded to a Innokin Oceanus. But I want to keep this mod around and use it as a backup… Now my main question is I have had continuous issues with the battery: its gets to hot in the compartment and I get a pop up on the screen "check battery".
If I purchase a new battery will this help solve the problem or would I just be throwing…

Smok AL85 battery

What is the right coil for my vapor Ego AIO

Hi, I have ego AIO and I'm confused what the right coil for my vapor!
There is a number on my coil said "SS316" I checked their website and I found that my vapor used SS316-0.6ohm head
From what I know I need a wire with 0.6ohm resistance.
The seller gave me a wire for free 28ga-321mm.
The original coil has 8 wraps, and the resistance around 0.7ohm I built a coil with the same wraps and after I measure the resistance I found it around 4ohm.
Did the seller sent me the wrong coil for my…

<a href="”>What is the right coil for my vapor ego AIO

Confused About Coils

So I just bought this vape today <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> (waiting for it in the post) and was confused about something coil related.

So on the page, it says these coils are the only ones that work <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> with the vape I bought

And then on this page it says they only work in the Amigo Mini Sub Kit

Are they actually different? I'm…

Confused About Coils

Smok Vape Pan 22

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to vaping.

I have a Smok vape pen 22 which is good however I want to upgrade.

Can anyone suggest parts and explain what all the names of different bits of kit mean and recommend some?

Things like drip tip, vapourizer etc..

As if i was a complete noob

Thanks in advance.