Testing devices?

I have relied for over 3 years on a 510 voltage meter to check the remaining voltage in my mechs before switching out batteries. Recently the cylindrical 510 voltage meter I used for so long began hard-shorting and collapsing my hot springs, so I can't use it anymore. Tossed it out. Now I'm trying to find a replacement, but this nice neat cylindrical voltage meter is proving a very hard thing to find. I ordered two of them from different vendors and got the same one from both, which proved…

Testing devices?

DIY, but can’t taste it

what's going on so I have a quick question I have been for a few months now and I started doing diy for my vape juice. I've made a few recipes that have turned out fairly good, they smell Rich and sweet however when I actually vape them I can't taste a damn thing, it just tastes like I'm vaping just straight VG.

Now the tricky part is when I go to a vape shop and buy some eliquid from them and stick it in the same tank and coil I can taste that very very well. I have also gave some of the…

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Can I use this to charge my mod?

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I won this kit and got it yesterday afternoon. It came with the USB cord on the left and no wall plug. Can I safely use the plug on the right that I already had for charging my spinners, but with the new cord?
I am not sure about plugging this into my computer. Never tried charging anything that way before. I use a nightcore charger for 18650s and that plug with a screw in adapter cord to screw in those spinners.

The mod came charged…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/can-i-use-this-to-charge-my-mod.308306/”>Can I use this to charge my mod?

Which coil should i use for Smok Alien

Hi ok so after all my research i bought a Smok Alien 220w. I don't know why i chose that one but it had good reviews and i like the flexibility of being about to mod once i actually understand what i'm doing. Now the kit comes with a V8 Baby Q2 core and also a Baby T8 Core coil. I'm starting vaping so i can quit cigarettes so i'm not a cloud chaser. I've read that the T8 is a juice hog due to the amount of cloud it produces and which occasionally that would be awesome, for daily usage i…

Which coil should i use for Smok Alien

Help with Genesys Egoking

Hey all. I recently bought this Genesys egoking off of a friend of mine. I have no clue how it works. I've looked up thing online and can't find manuals or intructions. The vaporizer original comes with some, unfortunately, I do not have it. Is anybody experienced with this brand and/or can point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Eleaf istick 100w tc

i have ordered this mod and recieved it today. I dont have batteries in the mod yet but when i plugged it into my computer for firmware upgrade i tried to fire it up but it said on the oled panel no atomizer, is this a safety feature because there is no battery in it or is it something wrong with my ijust 2 pyrex tank. Plis help

Should I move to sub-ohm vaping?

Hi, I am a vaping beginner currently using a 30W Eleaf iStick with a 1.2 ohm Aerotank Mini. The tank can only store 1.5 mL, so I have to fill up 3-4 times a day.
I need a larger tank, but they seem to be all sub-ohm and my 30W eLeaf doesn't seem to support sub-ohm tanks.

I'm still learning and I really don't know much of what I'm talking about. However, I'm definitely not interested at the moment in RBA, mechanical mods or building coils.

Should I move to sub-ohm just because I need a…

Should I move to sub-ohm vaping?

RBA vaping

On the tfv8 cloud beast how do I use RBA do i have to use temp control? If not how high can I crank the wattage can it handle 350 watts? I just need to know the do's and dont's and what i need to do for a 350 watt mod I wont always be hitting it that high but sometimes I want to and if you can recommend a sub ohm that will work that would also be nice.

Are my batteries safe at sub-ohms?

I recently picked up a Smok Alien 220w along with 2 LGDBHG21865's (HG2) rated at 30A max discharge and 20A max continuous discharge. The octo-coil that comes with the Alien has a resistance of .15Ω and using the formula V/Ω=A, V being battery voltage, Ω being coil resistance and A being current, we find that 4.2V/.15Ω=28A which is approaching that limit of 30A. This seems to be a little dangerous, no?

As a new vaper I'm genuinely curious about these things and would love to hear…

Are my batteries safe at sub-ohms?